Verizon Wireless: New iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Release

By Peter Chubb - Oct 8, 2010

With all the rumors of a Verizon iPhone it seems as if we have forgot about another Apple device that is just waiting to breakaway from AT&T’s shackles, the iPad. Before Steve Jobs announced Apple’s new tablet device many of us assumed that it would be offered to Big Red users as well – this did not happen.

Those rumors of a Verizon iPhone have intensified over the past few weeks, mostly spurred on from constant reports from Wall Street Journal that it is about to happen – but never seems to.

Most rumors suggest that the Verizon iPhone will be released in the first part of 2011; so could this mean that it will be an iPhone 5 instead? The fifth-generation iPhone is expected to come with 4G technology, and with Big Red rolling out LTE in more cities it certainly seems logical.

As for Apple’s tablet device, we do not expect the current version to switch to another carrier, but the iPad 2 could be different. With more tablets coming to the market, it would be stupid for Apple not to allow Verizon the opportunity to sell another million or two units.

Which do you think is more likely a Verizon iPhone 5 or iPad 2?

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  • Christina

    With Verizon being one of the most reliable networks in the US, you would think that they would want the oppurtunity to sell the iphone 5. Apple has done a great job with the iphones, ipad, and the ipod touch making the market for touchscreen devices booming with success. The thing about Verizon getting a iPhone is that yes all the DROID sells might plummet. A question to ask for Verizon is "when you get the iPhone are you going to change your data plans or add an extra expense for the usage of the iphone?" I know with AT&T there is a data limit and for me that doesn't fly since I seem to live out of my phone by downloading and searching articles and information for school and business related items. God, I hope that nothing changes with the data plans because then I will have to stay with my android device.

    • Josh

      I completely understand what you are saying. I just can't comply with one thing. Is there a limit with air time and internet with the android with Verizon? Like no limits to what you can do with internet and such. I know with the iphone…there is..but..if that's not the case with verizon..then great! if not…! But if there is a limit…cuase speculators are still not sure if verizon's network can handle all that air traffic with the new iphone to come..then…if it can't..that they will probably put a cap on everyone's internet and such …so air traffic will not become a problem…used by cell phones. Does that make sense?

  • dom

    ipad 2! cant wait i will buy one first day it comes out! apple released new ipods, new macs and mac books, and new iphone. now its ipad 2

  • Sean

    thinking of $30 difference btw galaxy tab and ipad price…
    probably ipad2 with camera on both side… since galaxy tab with cameras in the market on Nov.
    SJ never mentioned about additional features of the competitors in the press, but the size and OS. So… adding features on current ipad would happen the most likely.

  • RT @jimmyontheradio

    Is that even a question? The iPhone 5 is much more likely. I doubt an iPad 2 will be seen for quite some time. Apple is still living off the hype of the first one. Apple is really good at timing releases so people are perfectly inbetween being happy with their old device and wanting a new one.

  • kendall

    wow im excited for the iphone 5! 😉 to come to verizon!!!

  • hardmanb

    For the Wi-Fi-only iPads, there are already Verizon, Sprint "iPads", through people using their "my-fi" devices.