UEFI Boot System: 2011 PCs to start in seconds

By Peter Chubb - Oct 8, 2010

I can remember my first PC, it was a Time Machine and although I thought it was great at the time – I now realize how slow it all was. When I used to start my computer up it used to take ages, and although things have moved on since then – start-up times are still governed by the BIOS. However, all that will change for PCs in 2011 as UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) will replace the old firmware.

I was shocked to learn that BIOS has been the standard boot system for 30 years now, so how come the hardware has evolved over those years but not the firmware? However, we do get some insight from Steven Mostyn from The Tech Herald, when he notes that BIOS was originally intended for just 250,000 machines.

So as we approach 2011 it is finally nice to know that we could all have a PC that will boot up much faster, as if you have a Mac with an SSD. OK, that is a bit stupid, but it will be nice to finally shutdown you PC each night instead of in standby – which some of us do to save on boot-up times.

The specifics are vague at the moment; we have no idea when UEFI will make it to the first PC and when it will finally become the standard?

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