T-Mobile G2 Vs iPhone 4: Which Camera is Better?

By Alan Ng - Oct 8, 2010

We have an interesting article for those of you who are planning to pick up a T-Mobile G2, but cannot decide, as we have some useful camera comparison photos with the iPhone 4 for you to check out.

The photos come to us courtesy of Engadget, who included the photos in their detailed G2 review. Just so you know, both the T-Mobile G2 and iPhone 4 come equipped with 5 megapixel cameras, so which one performs best?

While Engadget say that the G2 camera is better than the Nexus One, it suffers from a lack of clarity and color depth as you can see in some of the pictures below. They add that the camera is ‘acceptable’, but nothing mind-blowing as the iPhone 4 comfortably outperforms the G2 in still shots as well as video recording.

Take a look at some sample images below, then read Engadget’s full lowdown on the G2 camera here. Let us know if any of you disagree on any of the points mentioned above.

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  • OSGondar

    @ Jay you clearly don't understand Processors, in the following example which is faster?

    a Pentium 4 at 1GHz or a Corei7 clocked at 800?

    Its a similar idea going on here with the G2's processor:
    The G2 clocked at 800 still beats most of the 1Ghz phones out there in speed and if the G2 is Clocked at 1Ghz.. duh. You lose. EASILY, You do not need to clock the G2 processor up to 1GHz to compete with other 1GHz processors it does it just fine clocked at 800. If you did some research you would understand that how that works. Look up youtube benchmarks comparisons etc to better understand, Processors speed and architecture are not comparable just by GHz silly..

    In fact ill run the same benchmark app on my friends iphone4 and on my g2 and upload it this week, you will see its a close match and thats 800 vs 1ghz, THEN ill clock the g2 up to 1ghz and and compare again.

    Fanboys need to research more than just looking at the pretty advertisements lol

  • Alex

    now xda people have overclocked G2 up to 1.4 GHz so G2 is better because it's faster….

  • Jay

    Also Cameras aside…..800Mhz on the G2 and 1 Ghz on Iphone 4……faster is better

  • Jay

    Look at the second picture it looks like hell on the G2…. HTC isnt bad but it seems anyone who hates on Iphone (precious iphones) has never really owned one.

  • bubba

    The Camera on the G2 is far superior, Brighter is not always better! The G2 seems to have a foggy effect that can be changed in the settings. Obviously this article is written by amateurs, if you going to write an article don't include a third party pictures include your own…another FAIL FANBOY aritcle…

  • mimstyle

    G2 is bette but in the test there is a finger trace 😉

  • What? U kidding me? U can clearly see more detail in the G2 camera. Where r the shoe lases in the iphone pic?

  • vexx

    yeah, the iphone just makes things brighter, and the G2 actually has a lot of settings, but it doesnt come on the highest by default to save space.. its camera is a lot better than that.

  • Kevin

    uh sorry but the first one, the iphones pic is like too light, look at the left shoe..so no the iphone camera isnt a God, and neither are your precious iphones.

  • tyi

    iPhone4 pictures look much beter