Nokia N8 Review: Focus On Performance

By Peter Chubb - Oct 8, 2010

You may have heard a few days back that the release of the Nokia N8 is to be delayed by a week in the UK, but only for those purchasing from a high street store. The new Symbian^3 handset is said to be the next rival to the iPhone, but has it got the performance to do so.

The most important feature of the N8 like all other smartphones is its processor; a 680MHz ARM11 processor powers the new Nokia handset. Vishal Mathur from NDTV Gadgets has been taking a closer look at this and believes that although it is lower in speed than the iPhone and most Android smartphones, it is still more than enough to handle the OS.

Mathur assumed that the N8 was going to be a good phone, but seemed surprised at just how good it was. He notes that Nokia has come a long way with their touchscreen technology – but they need to if they have any hope of keeping up with the array of new handsets coming to the market.

One of the standout features has to be its 12-megapixel camera – wonder if the next model will come with the new 16.41-megapixel sensor that Sony is to produce next year?

Overall the processor could have done with a speed increase, but Mathur said that it could still play 720p videos with ease. Nokia have always had good battery performance, maybe they sacrificed a 1GHz CPU for improved battery life?

Overall the Nokia N8 is a good handset, but we wonder how many of you would pay just a few extra dollars for something better?

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  • jatinder

    true iphone killer

  • Alaur

    I lyk

  • BBBB

    lol i don't think they have done there research because the N8 has a seperate GPU thats supports OpelGL 2.0 unlike other phones that means it takes a load off the processer and also it can run heavy graphics games (for a phone) with ease.

  • Noone special

    don't you know.. it's all about the gigahertz! that's why my 2.8 ghz laptop from 5 years ago is so much faster than my 1 year old 2.4 laptop. wait.. that's not right..

  • johnnie lasker

    To pay more…that's an never ending road. Why would I want to pay more to get something that keeps loosing the signal and is good at dropping calls?