Killzone 3 PS3 Beta: PS Plus Only is Disappointing

By Alan Ng - Oct 8, 2010

If you consider yourself to be a fan of the Killzone franchise, you won’t need us to tell you that a multiplayer beta has just been announced for Killzone 3 this month. However, the bad news is that it’s only available to Playstation Plus subscribers.

You can’t say that this wasn’t coming. Sony know that Killzone 3 is going to one of their highlights of 2011, so what better way to boost their PS Plus subscriber numbers up by announcing a beta for select PS3 owners only.

We don’t know if there will be an open beta, but since the game is due out February 11th next year, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for Guerilla to fix up any problems in the closed beta, then get an open beta sorted out for everyone else in that time period.

It looks to us like this is exclusive to PS Plus subscribers. Will you now bite the bullet and pay for a subscription? Just to refresh, 3 months cost $17.99, while a year’s access will cost you $49.99.

For PS3 owners who dont have a Plus subscription, this is obviously disappointing news. Let us know what you intend to do.

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  • PS3GOD

    ukimpact. You don't know what you are talking about. YLOD is caused from a couple of different things but not from a game freezing, mainly the graphics processor over heating. I think you are probably blowing smoke up our asses about being a tester due to the fact that the way you talk says you have a real lack of common knowledge but I do agree with you on the PS+ being a complete waste of time and money. I would never pay for things that should be free in the gaming community and think that Sony has lost their minds but whatever they want to do.

  • ukimpact

    are u dumb FYI … Betas don't freeze systems. People not taking care of their electronics is what freezes/crashes systems and if it has then it was an isolated incident, not some full blown catastrophy like u make it seem.
    i am a beta tester and testing near on every game
    lets take a example MEDAL OF HONOR FROZE EVERY DEATH ,,NOOB
    u really are a typicle i kno it all when u kno nothing who cares how i spell i kno how a ps3 works and i aint minding my spelling on a comment for a thread which is pretty useless
    and medal of honor did freeze ps3's and some people got YLOD .
    lets go through the list of betas that froze all the time
    1.medal of honor BETA – has to be top with freeze's every 5 kills for everyone
    2.bad company 2 beta – just as bad
    3.LBP2 beta freezes all the time
    4.assassins creed 2 beta – people get into a game then it freezes all the time i have to list them all , in fact its all of them and its widespread
    just google it quite eay to find .
    its ok though u spend £40-50 on a subcribtion to betas that will damage your console
    whos the idiot

  • TSOJaybird

    I would stand on the fact nothing free on PS+ interests me. Getting exclusive chances at being a gaming guinea pig doesn't really interest me because I don't get all kinds of shivers over online play, I like the stories in campaign modes. So because of my likes I would say not spending the money on PS+ is a smart thing not stupidity. Hey Mark you still have to pay for the game when it comes out you know. Don't insult my intelligence because I see no value in Sony's latest way to soak us for money. I know that free subcription to Qore is just so neato!

  • kreola

    Let's see.

    First it was "Not enough exclusive content to justify PS + price"

    Now its, "Having a beta exclusive to PS + isn't fair"

    Ignorance is king in the gaming community…


    UKImpact …

    Ur an idiot! Not only did your comment lack any kind of proof or intelligence, u talk and spell like a 2nd grader.

    Obviously you’ve never played KZ2 to say it was a crappy game, that or ur just another COD/MW fanboy that can’t compete on REAL shooters that actually take skill and TEAM tactics to win.

    Furthermore, to prematurely say that KZ3 is crap w/o playing it just shows your ignorance. You know no more than the next person who HASN’T played the game yet … NOBODY knows what kind of game it will be.

    FYI … Betas don’t freeze systems. People not taking care of their electronics is what freezes/crashes systems and if it has then it was an isolated incident, not some full blown catastrophy like u make it seem.

    So be ignorant and boycot all Sony games … you’ll be the one missing out on great games/experiences … not the ones actually playing them!

    Add me on PSN people: SITHLORD-GAMBLE

  • Six

    You that the closed beta for Killzone 2 started around this time in 2008 and GG still managed to release a good MP come Feb 2009.

  • Mark

    Is anyone really too stupid to see the value in PS+ ?

    48 games a year for £40 plus access to things like this, plus themes avtars, full game trials, auto-updates etc.

    It's an absolute bargain. Even if you already have some of the content, it's still incredible value for money.

    I signed up for PS+ 2 months back and have already made the outlay back in the content I have gotten so far (a full season of Sam&Max for example and a couple of nice PS1 classics). I still have another 13 months of content to come. I can't wait.

    • Jamie

      Same. Signed up for PS Plus when it came out. I've gotten at least 60+ dollars in free content so far. PSN games, PS1 games, DLC, discounts… people are idiots to say it's an unfair feature and ripoff.

      Instead of buying a new game this month, go out and become a PS Plus member. Trust me people, you won't regret it.

  • o00

    i agree. betas are not demos. they need dedicated players to test the game. ppl who will go on the forums, report bugs and give feedback. not ppl who just paid their way in. u read like ppl get angry cos they didnt get lbp2 beta but they didnt even play the first game. that dont make any sense

    now i understand y ps+ members want it, its cos sony said so,. but its a mistake.

  • bullet

    I wouldnt pay for the beta or for a subscription to psn plus. i get to play all my games online for free right now, to pay $49 a year to play betas and get some free wallpapers is ridiculous to me at leat. But I will tell you this, I wouldnt be surprised if Sony makes everyone pay to play online in the near future……. lets see, Other OS is gone, PS2 backwards compability is gone so that they can re-sell the games in Hi Def….. and now with their security holes being hacked by modchips and stuff…. yeah the ones who legally pay for games will legally pay for online service….. mark my words.

  • fucadastates

    will buy. its better than buying FREE dlc on xboxlive (l4d2)

  • Bonders

    A Beta is a test of the product to see it is functioning as it should and if not iron out said issues. So why on earth would I be disappointed not to be involved. I'll by the finished product. In the meantime I have a life to get on with.

  • moparful99

    Not enough time? Ubisoft just unleashed the assassins creed beta and the game comes out next month.. I think you are rumor mongering, sony knows that to make the kz3 beta exclusive to ps+ would be bad for business.. For starters they are only letting 5000 users in both the us and eu which is a rather small number for a beta. They are giving ps+ users early access 1. because they promised beta access as a feature. 2. To help people on the fence about ps+ to finally make the jump.. I can assure you without question that they will have a public beta sometime in the next few months…

  • Mornelithe

    It's only for 10000 PS+ subscribers. Just having the the subscription doesn't mean you'll get in.

  • ukimpact

    nope i not paying for betas . also what happened to giving beta to people who actually use forums and post topics im not bothered u think im paying for ps plus for SONY betas NO im not theres plenty more betas from other companys whats sony got killzone and grand turismo so what killzone 2 was rubbish so 3 will go the same way , we got black ops , grand turismo , and other games i wont be playing killzone 3 or buying it . so all these extra cash and still no x game chat , all the updates are to stop hacking and extra features so what if people want to hack and not go online isnt that a selling tool- linux – trashed –
    sony have made the ps3 useless in the last year and make us pay for more useless features ,no way they not getting no more money from me and im boycotting all Sony made games … pay for demos and betas NO ,,, beta is a game not finished which could end up destroying your ps3 for a early look ie medal of honor trashed many ps3 due to its freezing , and what do we get in return for finding the glitches and posting nothing ,
    think about it oh look my ps3 has froze i have to turn it off for £16.99 i dont think so i rather have a game thats not going to trash my ps3 . Sony are trying to get KIDS to pay for betas early when its suppose to be more mature gamer testing and posting on forums about how the game could be better or any hacks and freeze problem

  • Will.I.Was

    Its not dissappointing you fucktard

    its awesome