Human Powered Monorail: Future Transportation Already Here

By Peter Chubb - Oct 8, 2010

Back in September I reported that Google had chosen its 5 Project 10 to the 100 winners, one of those was Shweeb. The New Zealand company was awarded $1 million to further its “Human Powered Monorail”, which looks set to become the future of public transportation.

So what is Shweeb I hear you ask? Well as Beth Buczynsk from Crisp Green puts it, it’s like a “space-age transportation device.” You can see by the images on their website that it combines cycle technology with the monorail system.

Such a device is already in use at theme-park in new Zealand, but the idea is to bring it to cities. The system will allow you to propel yourself at speeds of up to 28mph) (45kph).

The cycle device inside the pod has seven gears and has solid wheels to reduce rolling resistance. There is to also be an electric motor that will kick in when you have to go up an incline – making it easy for even the unhealthy of us.

Do you think that this is the future of local transportation?

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  • If they designed a rail system that could hook in any ones PERSONAL BIKE that would be more beneficial and you’d be smelling ur own Body odor. haha

  • John

    ew. i'm not going to crawl in some tube someone has been cycling in. thats a gross little pocket of someone elses filth and B.O. looks like a fun amusement ride at the most. We need to worry about making electric engines for our cars the default before we put any money into crap like this.

    • Col

      Hmm good point, but the bottom line is we are to wasteful, boost fuel price to prohibit unnecessary vehicle use , or limit each vehicle to say 100 klms a week and bonus extra 1000 klms twice a year to go see nana or have holiday. Some say these sort of restrictions are inevitable .

  • BRAD


  • j007

    Does it has AC in it? I would like to see how it handle the weather. Safety is also a big issue.

  • kewl.

  • Mary

    On a day to day real life basis, human power monorail is unrealistic!!! The tube looks too small for some, granny and those physically impaired would not be able to do, the thought of rail or tube breakage breaks bad images to mind, and insurance has yet to be addressed.