GreenPois0n Download 4.1: Will You Jailbreak This Sunday?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 8, 2010

Following on that GreenPois0n will support the fourth-generation iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad; I wondered if you will download the jailbreak this Sunday, or will you wait? The jailbreak also supports the Apple iPad, but just those who are running iOS 3.2.2.

The news that GreenPois0n will finally be released Sunday came as a surprise to some, as a recent tweet from a member of the Dev team did say that there was a chance that it would be released before Saturday, it seems that some of us took the word maybe as a yes – as did I.

The release day as you well know is Sunday, and it is believed to begin at 10:10AM GMT. We have yet to see an official response on the GreenPois0n website, but did we really expect to?

There are those who will be going to the official website on Sunday 10th October and keep refreshing the page to see the jailbreak go live. Judging by the huge response that GreenPois0n has had, we can expect the servers to slow down, let us hope that this will not cause any problems for you.

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  • karlmanford

    Naughty Naughty…but who cares

  • dindo sanchez

    i can't wait to jailbreak my iphone 4,,,, thanks for the devteam

  • Dil

    I’m gonna stay up on Sunday early morning to get this as soon as it comes out at 3:10am cali pacific time. I just can’t wait 🙂

  • landon clements

    will this work for ipod touch 2g 'mc' model?


    exelente por fin iphone 4.1 libre

  • Kwigg

    This thing ain’t gonna work on nothing but the newer generations

  • Andrew

    Believe it when I see it! I’m tired if these guys talking crap and not delivering!

  • Steve

    I wonder what Steve Jobs is saying right now. Oh, I be back.

  • qwertyuiop

    w00t, lets do this!@!@!

  • Someone get ready to put up a mirror for when this shit goes down!