COD Black Ops 3D – PS3 60 Minutes Hands-on

By Peter Chubb - Oct 9, 2010

Last week I had a chance to play Gran Turismo 5 in 3D on the PS3, and I have to say that I was not impressed. So when I first learned that CoD: Black Ops was also going to get this stereoscopic experience, I started to worry. However, after Chad Sapieha from The Globe and Mail spent 60-minutes with the game – I now feel more confidant of its future.

Call of Duty: Black Ops will be available for not only the PlayStation 3, but also the PC and Xbox 360 (following a firmware update). Sapieha also had the chance to play with GT5 and Killzone 3 as well.

He notes that the whole 3D experience seems far better on Black Ops than the other two titles, and believes that the most impressive thing with the 3D version is how extraordinary the weapons look. He makes a point of saying that the end of the gun nozzle looks as though it could touch your nose.

Read the review of Black Ops 3D at The Globe and Mail, along with a video here. I first thought that 3D was just a fad, but this was based on my experience of those stupid glasses that you get at a cinema. Gaming at home will be a totally different beast, the reason for this is thanks to active 3D glasses, just make certain that the batteries are fully charged –just wish organizers at the Eurogamer Expo 2010 thought the same.

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  • aiiiiiiight

    play crysis in 3d on a samsung 3d tv 46inch or bigger!!! trust me its awsome!! 3d is the future! remember that 3d gives more depth, its hard to make something "come out" of a tv that has a frame, because the picture cant go further than the the screen,over, under and or on the side..

  • yea yea

    i gots a sony led 3dtv for about a grand. killzone 3, crysis 2 for 360. debating on black ops. but the 3d in crysis and killzone 2 are amazing to say the least. anyone on the fence get off.

  • Paulie

    54 inch Panasonic plasma viera 3d TV with avatar bundle $2,400 .Polk audio surround sound $400 .Black ops $60 .playing in 3d priceless for everyone else sorryyyyyy.

  • E-tee

    finally set my 52" sony bravia up to play black ops in 3D and i dont really know what to make of it. Yes its more excitin than in 2D but i had been hoping for more, maybe i was a little too optimistic at what 3D could achieve this early in its development for home use. Still a great new dimension to the game, and awesome to brag about!

  • couch

    played black ops on ps3 in 3D on top of the line sony xbr 60" 3D lcd(my friends not mine). I was blown away. this is much more than a novelty. It's very intense. The technology is first rate. It remains to be seen how much effort the content providers put into it. I personally have been extremely disappointed in many blu-rays that i bought. Some of them just look like crap.

  • 123321

    3D t.v is going to cost a lot of money though

  • Pete

    3d gaming rocks! Cant wait!

  • exxbot

    Eurogamer will always be anti-PS3, thats a fact.

  • arnas

    and other thing will there be 3d glases included in a game?

    • brendan

      no, the glasses tend to come with the 3dtv or you'll buy them at the same time, seeing as the glasses cost from £60-100 they would definitely not come with the game. this is because they are active shutter glasses, google it.

  • arnas

    i do not think that i going to play in 3d because you need to buy big tv who is expencive and its no point plaing on small tv.

  • Simcoe

    I have also had the opportunity to play/try GT5 in 3D as well. The feeling of depth is there, though it is subtle, once I started to drive, I found myself more concentrated on the game to really notice the 3D effect. But I also think that a driving simulator is not really suited for 3D, in real life, true stereo viewing is really only perceptible 10 m in front of you, everything beyond that is based on object size and it's position relative to other environmental factors.

    Disappointed to hear that Killzone 3 didn't have more of an effect, but it's launch is still months away so tweaking could still be done.