BlackBerry Storm Issues: Rise In Problems For 2010

By Peter Chubb - Oct 8, 2010

Following on from the news that Verizon has canceled its plans for the BlackBerry Storm 3, I thought that I would see if there was any more to add to this story. However, I have since learned that there is a rise in problems for the Storm in 2010, and the issues have been coming in thick and fast on social networking sites.

Let us have a look at a few of these issues and see if they are the same as what you have been experiencing? One problem is that the Storm has been freezing for certain users, and that when people call it does not ring; although you are still left with a missed call.

Most issues that I found have to do with not only the software, but the screen as well. We all know how bad the first BlackBerry Storm was with its SurePress technology – maybe this was the reason that the handset has now been shelved?

These are just a few problems that I have picked up on just by spending 20 minutes looking around; what issues have you go with your BlackBerry Storm?

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  • Dennis P

    Used mine for about 4 months then I picked up one of my old phones and actived it. THe Storm was nothing but time consuming trying to fix one thing after another …usually by pulling the battery and starting over. And the work email through BB server? …what a nightmare.

  • soundman

    bb storm ,use it for target practise

  • Dougyt


    I own a BlackBerry Storm. It is without a doubt the worst phone I have ever owned. I have had the service for 18 months during that time I have had 6 phones. I have used Verizon who refuses to give a new phone but someone elses problem phone. They work for about 2 months then they start acting up. now the keypad is frozen and when I try to get my messages the keypad is garbbled I have tried to hard reset but nothing happens stay away from these phone my friend has the Storm 2 same issues

  • jlee7

    I own the Storm 9530 and I dont have anywhere near the issues I've seen expressed here and other places. Any problems i have had were easily fixed and could be avoided by simple, basic maintenance (deleting old messages, phone logs, maintaining adequate application memory, ect..). Granted, the original Storm did not start out with enough app memory to load up a whole lot of apps on the device, but i have good number of apps i use daily and have next to no issues. I watch You Tube on the mobile site just fine, I use the Facebook app daily, Slacker radio, the app for my bank's mobile banking, a few games, including Guitar Hero 3, My Verizon, Twins Mobile app, ESPN Mobile app, and BlackBerry Messenger. I also get video and picture messages without incident. AND i get all my email reliably. I am disappointed to hear that OS6 and the WebKit browser will not be on a Storm device! Seems to me that would have taken care of a lot of the issues with the device. And I personally prefer the SurePress touchscreen.

  • TJH

    GARBAGE- This phone was fine the first 6 months I had it. The sure type software or forced software updates has left this phone almost useless. Random screen blackouts- don't know if phone is on or off; Texting involves many corrections of random letters no where near your finger; and screen lockups where it takes 1/2 or more to "catch up" to what you just did.

    Was my first virtual keyboard phone and would never do it again. I'll be lucky if I can get $10 on ebay. Stay away from Storm line in general.

  • akyfak

    got a blackberry storm and apart from the freezing aspect, it has decided to go blank. i can't see anything on it again.

  • t33_jayy

    I have a blackberry storm .. i mean yea , it has problems . but any phone you buy , isnt going to be perfect . they allll start acting stupid sooner or later .