Verizon iPhone 4: Your Move Apple – Consumers Expecting

By Alan Ng - Oct 7, 2010

With the Wall Street Journal giving the clearest indication yet that Verizon will start selling iPhones in the early part of 2011, you have to wonder what Apple is making of all this. Will they crack under pressure and finally announce it or keep consumers waiting?

We are used to seeing Apple announce their new iPhone devices at their WWDC events each Summer, but it looks like that is all set to change with the arrival of the Verizon iPhone 4. If all the rumors are true, it means that consumers only have to wait a few months before they can start buying on Verizon.

So what are Apple waiting for? There is no doubt that they have read the WSJ’s recent article on the iPhone, considering the last one they wrote back in March sent a shockwave through the internet. If the Verizon iPhone is going to come out early 2011, then surely an official announcement needs to come soon, especially since Verizon will want to start their marketing bandwagon early (even though they don’t need to).

It is certainly an indecisive time for Verizon customers coming towards the end of their contracts and are looking for any updates on the iPhone situation. Do they believe the constant speculation or just bite the bullet and sign up for a new deal?

Come on Apple, it’s your move.

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  • David

    Any ather co beside AT&T wil be wonderful, the at@t are bastards

  • iPad_Lover:)


    Verizion is CDMA, like U.S. Cell, Sprint ( I believe) so they might also release it for any of those, too. OR you can expect hackers to create a unlock in 10 minutes. I WOULD BUY IT!