Verizon iPhone 4: Release Date Update – WSJ Confirms

By Alan Ng - Oct 7, 2010

After first breaking the silence over a Verizon compatible iPhone 4 at the start of the year, the Wall Street Journal has just published another article, confirming the release of the CDMA version of the iPhone.

According to their new report, WSJ has once again confirmed that Apple’s version of the iPhone for Verizon Wireless will be available to buy during the first quarter of 2011.

They add that Apple will start building the devices before the end of this year, and that AT&T are about to ‘lose it’s lock’ on the iPhone 4. Furthermore, the WSJ is claiming that the Verizon iPhone will ‘resemble’ the current iPhone 4 model, but it will be altered for use on Verizon’s network – i.e CDMA support.

The report didn’t confirm whether or not the CDMA iPhone would also be coming to Sprint or not, or if the handset will be available just on Verizon.

Read the full story over at the WSJ and let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • bearz

    Verizon IPhone users will have the same complaints as AT&T's IPhone users have now.
    Only Apple will make out in this deal.

  • This is GREAT news!! I won't switch to AT and T and have been living with an itouch and a primitive phone…