Samsung Transform: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Release Date in 2010

By Alan Ng - Oct 7, 2010

Following on from our initial reports on the recently announced Samsung Transform handset for customers on Sprint, we now have some information regarding the availability of Android 2.2 Froyo on the handset.

If you didn’t already know, you’ll be disappointed to hear that the Samsung Transform will only be shipping with Android 2.1 Eclair.

Samsung didn’t give a reason for the ommision of Froyo, but did confirm in their official press release that the update to Android 2.2 would be happening before the end of the year. Considering we are now in October, that is better than nothing for Sprint customers we feel.

Personally though, I like to enjoy Froyo out of the box, which is probably why handsets such as the T-Mobile G2 are proving to be very popular at the moment. Let us know your thoughts on this.

Are you disappointed that you have to wait a few months for Froyo on the Samsung Transform? The handset itself is due for release on October 10.

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  • Bugatti_Boy

    Ok It 2011 And My Phone is still at 2.1 what happened to the 2.2 Froyo update email me when my phone will me updated to 2.2 Froyo…

  • noland 1993

    If you have the transform with the 2.1 version, when the 2.2 is released will it be a matter of simply updating the o.s. on your phone, or would you have to take it back to sprint and have it changed some other way? If the latter is correct would it be free or would there be a charge?

    • Bugatti_Boy

      it will be a msg on yo phone and you just press ok and it will update your phone

  • Jake

    It has been 3 weeks since the last comment, and I was just wondering, is 2.2 here for the Transform? I should be getting it next time it goes on sale and hopefully they will be having one for Valentine's Day. Do you think they should have one by then?

  • Mike

    I just got a Transform 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it or not. I am having problems ending phone calls. There sometimes is nothing to slide to end the call. I use it as my home phone and I have to unplug it when it's done charging. That's inconvenient when I have to go to sleep and want it to charge it overnight. With this lack of update support for the phone my decision is almost clear.

  • BroJohn

    Well, let's see I just checked and it seems to be January and no froyo, I know when it was stated froyo by end of the year (they, whomever they is) must have meant 2012. All kidding aside, I've learned a lesson, that's not to believe what I read when anyone (other than the Mfg.) posts a review of a products specs. As I stated in my previous post here neither SPRINT or SAMUNG made an announcement that the Transform would get froyo. Maybe I'm wrong, if so somebody post a link to prove me wrong.

  • matt

    Ya its 2011 and still no 2.2, I am very mad I got this phone reading how the update would come out by the end of the year and yet its not

  • Vienessa

    Well I contacted several sprint stores as well as Samsung mobile and there will be no Samsung transform 2.2 update till in the near future. They stated they have no definite date when it will come but when it does it will come on to the phone. I knew I should of got a different phone.

  • BroJohn

    I bought my daughter the Transform on Nov 6 after reading a few posts that said it will get Froyo by years end… now Dec 26th and no updates. Well, after more google searching I have found absolutely no (official announcement) from either Samsung or Sprint that this will happen just a bunch of reviewers stating that it will or (mistakenly stating)? that the preproduction has it. High Hopes…Low Expectations. By the time Froyo happens (if ever) I believe the Transform will be discontinued. How long was the Moment's life span anyway?

    • jayh

      Dude I had 8 moments and so far this transform is great I do agree that 2.2 should be out by now its gay what’s the point of buying a phone thats not up to date

  • Where is my 2.2!? I have about 2 weeks left to return this phone and it will be going back if it doesn't happen! VERY frustrated!

  • zack

    Donald King – “it is here” referring to the froyo 2.2 update or your new phone? Because I have a Samsung Transform and it hasn’t gotten the update yet so I’m a little confused if some people have gotten the update yet?

  • Dalisha

    Samsung is a good phone since it was Free!! its not too bad although i wish we could set live wallpapers!!!

  • It's here! Message on the screen when I picked it up this morning.
    Took about 5 minutes to load and reboot.
    Now has the standard 5 home screens, but the best part is next.
    It now responds instantly to the touch, instead of the sluggish delay.
    Better late than never, thank Sprint and Samsung!

    • Tabbetha

      Plz tell me how you got the froyo… I literally JUST got off the phone with Sprint customer service and they told me that the 2.1 was the most up to date firmware. I’m dissapointed because on Dec 23rd I was told it’d have froyo. Got home with my new phone and no 2.2????

  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    December 3rd, still waiting for Froyo. I got this for my fiance and just discovered that you can't set custom ringtones for Google contacts. WTF? She's loving the phone though, other than that.

    • guest1990

      you have to go to the contact app..then select any contact…hit menu..and then hit options..then select any ringtone you want

  • Patrick

    The transform is my 4th android, i just gave up rooted mytouch slide running 2.2 and Honestly it seems like a pretty decent device, If you all want a phone with 2.2 then spend the money to get it and stop complaining about the mid range droid you got, Get a epic or evo and pay the extra 10 bucks a month? Overall all the Transform is pretty damn good for free with new activation, compare hardware to other phones with simular price the transform is a step up! Root is out for it only wont be long before there is a good rom 😉

    • durrell

      hey where did you get a transform for free im from connecticut and the cheapest i found it was $100 was it a store or online let me know please

      • john

        yes on black friday i got mine for free from radio shack im from pa. any idea when this android 2.2 is coming out

      • nh39 has it for free for a good while.

  • Andrew

    I will be returning this phone if the update isn’t ready by my 30 day return period.

    • Stephanie

      I must agree with Andrew and Josh. I just got the Transform figuring it would satisfy my Android hunger, only to find that most Apps, and video chat programs don't work. To those of us who are knew to this OS world, I thought I was getting many of the bells and whistles… I have another few weeks, and if no update, I'll have to return it

      • mike

        VIDEO WORKS AND GOOD AT THAT…..i dont know why everyone keeps saying the front camera doesnt work…..ive used it 5x and without wifi like the iphone…..

        • janet

          what app do you use?

        • Zeke

          Yeah i used a App call Tango and u can chat with any other phone Iphone 4, ipod touch 4gen, and any other android phone works perfect but you cant be near that person. 🙂

  • Josh

    oh good, it comes with 2.1… was afraid it would have everything I wanted right out of the box… I just for one now, and I am giving them till mid Nov. to put out and update to 2.2 or the phone goes back… I don't know about Samsung, but Sprint has promised up date to phones just to find out a few months later its not really going to get it.

  • vonDOOM

    My grannie is very disappointed! I just got her this new phone after she saw my EVO 4g. All she kept on raving about was how beautiful my live aquarium wallpaper was. Got her the phone next day. At the store I quickly played around with it, and it seemed almost identical to my EVO as far as the interface went. That was til I got home and discovered I couldnt run live wallpapers for her on Samsung Transform. This really really sucks. Hope that feature becomes available on this phone once froyo 2.2 comes out. If they are smart, they do it before the holidays season!

    • Mike get livewallpaper zip or tar or somethin and you can run em

  • ABKitch

    as someone who just got the Transform, and new to Android in general, this doesn't bother me too much. I'm learning Android now, and look forward to the release of 2.2, and actually think that having to wait will just make me appreciate the update even more.

  • Jim

    Android 2.2 is a "must have" for anyone using a bluetooth earpiece.

    It's really too bad. I would have purchased this phone.

  • dale

    slightly! this is ridiculous, there's no reason for it, and there's no GUARANTEE they won't push back the date… lousy. just lousy. How many times have we seen updates being pushed back. You know NO ONE is going to be doing a dang thang at I.T. after the 1st week of December, so if they don't have it out by then, it's not going to be out til mid-Jan at best, and if ANYthing at all goes wrong, they'll not meet the end of year promise.

  • jose monserrate

    how about the motorola i1 getting froyo ,like when ?