Left 4 Dead on PS3: Do you still want it?

For those of you still wondering if Left 4 Dead will ever make it’s way to the Playstation 3, we have an encouraging article for you to read now, which suggests that a decision from Valve could just be around the corner.

The article comes from RelyonHorror, who believe that momentum is now slowly starting to gather pace on Valve’s u-turn towards the PS3 console.

Considering that Portal 2 is on the way for the PS3, RelyonHorror thinks that a Left 4 Dead pack should come to the PS3 all on one Blu-Ray disc. It would be pretty exciting if PS3 owners had the option of buying a game which had both Left 4 Dead games along with the DLC packs inside – don’t you agree?

However, a long time has passed since we first heard rumors of Left 4 Dead appearing on the PS3. You might also consider Left 4 Dead to be an ‘old game’ – so would you still buy it if it came out?

Hopefully Valve won’t do a Mass Effect on us and just announce Left 4 Dead 3 on the PS3 on it’s own – we want the first games as well Valve.

Let us know your thoughts on this.

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