Left 4 Dead on PS3: Do you still want it?

By Alan Ng - Oct 7, 2010

For those of you still wondering if Left 4 Dead will ever make it’s way to the Playstation 3, we have an encouraging article for you to read now, which suggests that a decision from Valve could just be around the corner.

The article comes from RelyonHorror, who believe that momentum is now slowly starting to gather pace on Valve’s u-turn towards the PS3 console.

Considering that Portal 2 is on the way for the PS3, RelyonHorror thinks that a Left 4 Dead pack should come to the PS3 all on one Blu-Ray disc. It would be pretty exciting if PS3 owners had the option of buying a game which had both Left 4 Dead games along with the DLC packs inside – don’t you agree?

However, a long time has passed since we first heard rumors of Left 4 Dead appearing on the PS3. You might also consider Left 4 Dead to be an ‘old game’ – so would you still buy it if it came out?

Hopefully Valve won’t do a Mass Effect on us and just announce Left 4 Dead 3 on the PS3 on it’s own – we want the first games as well Valve.

Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • fwaehrfgu

    wtf man why cant they just release it dont they know how much money they will make??

  • awsome sauce

    i really want l4d 1 & 2 on ps3 it would be awesome!

    .. PS valve didn't make the sucky orange box port to PS3 EA did! Valve is an awesome company, stop pissing on them about it!

  • Anonymous

    you know i do hope left4dead 1&2 does come to our lovely PS3 to have all the DLC,S maps etc. and any other VAVLe games.

  • creg devid

    Haha look at you guys, being able to take the piss out of the XBOX 360 (while telling the truth) and not be accused of being a PS3 fanboy, i like product reviews =).

  • obed

    i think its better a left 4 dead 2 game with all the custom maps, and all the maps from lfd1, i own an xbox 360, but if more people can play the game its way cooler. i dont give a shit bout console wars.

  • OrangeMango

    I agree about they should put both on one disk would make things a lot easier plus the PS3 would run L4D better because it would be on a better running system.

  • RustyShrfsBadge

    Well, Valve has already, obviously, apologized to Sony for all the nasty comments. Now I think it’s time for them to apologize to all of us PS3 loyalists out there for neglecting our needs. Give us L4D 1 & 2. One disc, all DLC.

  • zombipantz

    Valve has always been anti ps3 because they want to try and rape everyone financially rather then let sony have any games. I dont want a sorry ass port of the game since the xbox can barely run l4d. PS3 would be able to display this game and all of valves other games in its full glory. honestly if valve is going to just keep making people wait then i dont want to bother with any of their games they attempt to port. I have a great computer so ill just stick with what ive been doing, playing l4d 1 and 2 on my pc with all free dl content and custom maps. PS3 is awesome in my own opinion and the xbox can never match with what they got. FREE ONLINE!.

    Oh and people have mic ons ps3, lost of people.

  • asdf

    Valve already announced at e3 that Steam would be coming to the ps3, meaning auto updates and free patches/dlc are possible.

  • i'd buy it lol or they should at least make a game exactly like it XD this is funny because as i type my ps3 is on the pause screen to a game demo that is exactly like gears of war lol or like what high voltage is doing for the wii (The Grinder is just like L4D)

    so like i say if they can't make L4D not just a port then go for it but if it will have nothing better then they should just =make a different game in my opinion

  • Kai

    I seriously doubt it, the PSN is still using similar ideology to the XBL, meaning there's limits to how a game can be updated with new content without forcing users to buy them.
    Valve likes to give free DLCs and updates, but neither publishers would like it.

    • Darren

      NO. valve likes giving free DLC’s to PC users. Not console gamers

      • angelo

        No…that is utter bs…valve said today they want to give all dlc free…its M$ that FORCES valve to charge…that is why valve put l4d2 on steam for 7.50…a big FU to Microsoft for not letting them put the dlc out for free like they wanted to.

        get Ur facts straight m$ fanboy

  • Since i only own a PS3 i would sell my soul to the devil for Left 4 Dead to come to the PS3.

    *gets on his hands and knees and begs for Left 4 Dead to come out on the PS3*

  • Since i only own a PS3 i would sell my soul to the devil for Left 4 Dead to come on the PS3.

    *gets on his hands and knees and begs for Left 4 Dead to come out on the PS3*

  • Guest

    If they take advantage of the CELL and the PS3's capabilities, I'll buy it day 1. If they make another half a$$ port, they can keep it! We have had enough of mediocre games from developers that don't want to take the time to show what they can do.
    Make a crappy port and we all will forget about it. Make an eye popping/playing port and we all will talk about it for years…like MGS4, U2, KZ2, LBP, etc…

  • Dan

    Maybe, I just picked up both games on Steam for $10, but if I saw my PSN buddies playin' it, I'd consider it, but it is almost a case of "to little, to late".

  • Giles

    Why bother? No one uses mics on the PS3 anyway. Pointless.

    • um not true i play online on my ps3 with all my friends and we all use mics. not using mics doesnt break the game experience for me either its a plus but not necessary.

    • Cutoffslim

      Dont know who your playing with but that has changed a long time ago! Everyone has a mic on every game I play. You probably dont have one your damn self…………………..

    • DaddysweetDICK

      Shut up faggot i use a mic

      • wtf then get a different system dont ruin the votes for those who want it..if you dont need it on your ps3 then fine just dont vote or buy it..

        even though yo ass would buy it anyways if it was for ps3