GreenPois0n Jailbreak iOS 4.1: New Ultrasn0w Needed for Unlock

By Alan Ng - Oct 7, 2010

We have some slightly disappointing news for those of you still stuck on iPhone baseband 05.14.02, as it has been reported that there will not be an unlock method unless a new version of ultrasn0w is released.

As reported from RedmondPie, this also applies to those who jailbreak their handset on iOS 4.1 using GreenPois0n – when it finally sees a release of course.

Even though you’ll free yourself from Apple’s clutches, you won’t be able to unlock yet. We have had new versions of Sn0wbreeze and redsn0w, but nothing yet on Ultrasn0w, which is the key ingredient for unlocking.

For those of you who are still on iPhone baseband 05.14.02, what are your thoughts on this? Are you still going to jailbreak using GreenPois0n in hope that a new version of ultrasn0w becomes available – or have you given up hope completely?

We’ll let you know when there is further reports on this matter.

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  • evilbeast3

    I just want the unlock for 5.14.02….jailbreak is not a priority for me right now…..and yeah does greenp0ison really unlock iphone on 5.14.02????

    how much more time for the release of ios 4.2????…this is insane….if it dosent work finally…im switching to Nokia N8…(the best)

  • kademan

    I havn't lost hope. but I am waiting patiently for the release, i got a new iPhone 3g and it was on 4.1 so i jailbroke it but no unlock. GO DEVTEAM!




    • sagod

      but it doesnt solve 5.14.02 right????? (3g 4.0- 5.14.02)jb already… advise pls

  • Moke

    Dev team sucks. Put out an unlock already

  • Sadon

    First I’d like to thank the dev team. Now; by now I feel like I can jb anything, but it seems that most people including myself need the unlock to baseband 5.14.2……I pray to the tech gods, please give us us free.

  • Moke

    5 14 02*

  • Moke

    Need an unlock for 5.12.04. Disappointed

  • Patient Guy

    I have to say I was a little disappointed that they did not release it today. But I am a patient guy and I will wait. However, I just wish they would work on the carrier unlock too. I have an Iphone that is stuck on baseband 05.14.02.

  • crazy

    Is there a way to downgrade 5.14.02 and unlocking it through someway else and then get the ultrasn0w when it comes out?

  • Sotiraq Dallto

    Guys, we are waiting and waiting, i'v got the iphone 3gs and i'm stuck at 05.14.02 modem firmware, i thing we just need a straight answer, is there going to be a jailbreak and unlock for this case or not?????? i surely thank you for the magnificent work till now. waiting for an answer. thanks.

  • Marlom

    I really wish that my iphone 3g could be unlocked. It’s now stuck on 05.14.02. There is no way to downgrade the baseband. So basically its just sitting there. Hope they make the Ultrasn0w soon

  • Nestor

    Will it work for 05.13.04?

  • TechSupport

    @Joe, if you looked up snowbreeze correctly, it only works with saved SHSH blobs/some other conditions. Greenpois0n uses the exploit to be able to JB any bootrom without SHSH blobs and etc. Basically, the 4.1 version of blackra1n.

  • Alvaro

    is 2.10.04 unlockable?

  • joe

    I guess this leads me to ask; What's the big deal with greenpois0n if there is no unlock. There are already methods to jb 4.1 (snowbreeze).

    So what's all the greenpois0n hype about without an unlock?

  • 13lackfir3

    Well, i would like the unlock but i dont need it, It would just up the resale value of my phone so i can get a new one just moving up the the 3gs if i can get enough out of my jb/unlocked 3g i hope so. I will live with just a JB. DEV team i love you guys like for real no homo…

  • steve

    @ Mr.. Yes, current Ultrasn0w can unlock baseband 1.59. However,. you can not get to it unless your phone is jailbroken first.

  • #Greenpois0n and #Ultrasn0w unlock should must go hand-in-hand.
    There is no point in waiting if this is not the case!

    Though I am very hopeful & I am sure the Dev team won't disappoint us.


  • Marcus

    We are anxiously awaiting the JB – and want the team to know we are very appreciative of their hard work…and having to put up with people who are either so impatient or ungrateful for what they'll be getting. Keep up the great work! It should only be a few more days at this point.

  • Joker

    Well Mr. Chaos we won’t be missing you as we only like understanding and respectable jailbreakers. So take you attitude and your new phone and hit the road. You just the type of person who would be at a bar with friends when someone buys the group a round and you would bitch that you don’t like it. F$&@ it it’s free, I hope we can donate when this comes out as these guys need to be compensated.

  • b1ggy

    90 percent of us are not bothered about unlock yet.we want jailbreak.
    greenpoison realse jailbreak plz. greenpoison realse jailbreak plz. greenpoison realse jailbreak plz .greenpoison realse jailbreak plz. greenpoison realse jailbreak plz.
    plzz plzz plzz realse it

  • Mr.X

    What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get out of here!

  • nsphoto

    seriously, by the time the unlock for 5.14.02 comes out my tmobile contract will be over and i won't need it anyway.

  • gruff

    wtf my iphone is stuck in my draw coz i need the unlock may as well bin it

    • joseph

      same here. I'm T-mobile & now I'm Eff'ed!!, Jailbreak/unlock scene has gon to hells since GeoHot split.

  • mr

    Will ultrasnow be able to unlock iphone 4 baseband 01.59.00?

    • Jmp

      i used limera1n to jb my 4.0.2 version + used ultrasn0w to unlock 01.59.00 modem firmware

      jb worked, but unlock doesn't seem to work

  • Andrew

    The “team” is full of it. They knew this all along. As for those that say don’t gripe cause it’s free: it’s not my fault these losers don’t charge for it! Xxoo

  • Tom

    This doesn't have anything to do with ipod touches does it?

    Yes it does if your on 4.1 😀

  • Changnoi

    I think Ultrasn0w will probably be updated pretty soon after greenpois0n comes out, they'll find a way to hack the new baseband.

    The dev team must feel pretty special knowing that the whole world is waiting for them though. Good thing they are willing to share their work with us instead of keeping it a secret or something and leaving everyone to Apple's tender white mercy.

  • jay

    Man I am sick and Tired Waiting This stupid jailbreak for months..
    I check online everyday and nothing out…
    My iphone 4 still sitting in the box….:(
    F the jailbreak….

    • jay

      What a muppet. someone needs to jailbreak your brain.

  • steve

    I am on OS 4.1 and modem firmware 1.59. Thanks to the Tinyumbrella. YES AJ. Look for MODEM FIRMWARE. THAT IS YOUR BASEBAND.

    • orlon3000

      hey did that tiny umbralla method actually work for you?i have an iphone 4 and do not want to risk it.

  • chaos

    thats some bs we have been waiting for this since september and we won't be able to unlock the phone to go to a different carrier WTF is that.. no i see no point in waiting for this to come out i might as well buy one that will do what i want

  • rob

    There is gonna be no greenpoison, devteam is in negotiations with apple to stop the release of this. Conspiracy, Apple wins.

  • Josh

    This doesn't have anything to do with ipod touches does it? I don't think so. Good thing I don't have an iPhone

  • ggddddd

    misleading post! please post when the real 4.1 jailbreak is here

  • AJ

    How can i tell what baseband I'm using?

    • nsphoto

      settings>general>about> bottom of screen where it says modem firmware

      • AJ

        Thanks i am using 01.59.00 so this will not affect me right?

  • Abbott

    Im on the new baseband and 4.1.. cant wait for greenpoison! the iphone is soo much better jailbroken!
    as reported greenpoison will be able to hacktivate the iphone too, im assuming after the jailbreak they will start working on the unlock too and im quite sure as till now a unlock will eventually come out sooner or later. dont know anything about the verizon version(cdma?) but i'll be happy to jailbreak and wait for the unlock 🙂

  • AnxiousInPhilly

    At this point I could care less about the unlock… I just want the jb. We are all so lucky to have the dev team working on this, and for FREE! Which I want to give a huge thank you to them for doing this for usand don't worry about all the idiots who are complaining and giving you guys a hard time. If they don't want to wait, they can always go do it themselves 🙂

    • peter

      lambe culo

    • joseph

      yup but they always give a promis and they do it vere leyt