Fable 3 Inspired by Heavy Rain and Uncharted

By Peter Chubb - Oct 7, 2010

The constant arguments over which console is better out of the Xbox 360 and PS3 will never go away, as well as who has the better exclusives. However, did you know that there are certain games from one console that has shaped a game for another?

The game in question is Fable 3, it seems that there were two PlayStation 3 exclusives that helped influence the design director. Those games were Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2, which were revealed in a recent interview with CVG.

In the interview the guys behind Fable 3 said that during gameplay you will see a certain amount of influence from both the above mentioned games, but is this really a bad thing?

It does not matter what you do there are always influences; these include movies, commercials, songs, as well as other video games. However, we just hope that only the good things have been taken from both games and included in Fable 3.

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  • Jsnakeobson

    Ya really, Brad.. have you actually been following anything on Fable 3? Completely different game… At first it seems like a "polished" Fable 2, but they really nailed it this time. Looks like its going to be an excellent game, and I daresay it will be as good as Fable (original).

  • Brad

    How did these games inspire them when this game is no different to Fable 2 lol

    • John

      Hmmm…have you actually playing and finished the game? or are you pulling that out of thin air?

  • AEW

    I remember Hideo Kojima saying he thought the original Splinter Cell taught him a lot about the future emphasis of his games, competition is healthy, this just made press because we all know who Molyneux is.

    Glad competition is still driving games.

  • steve

    What? The PS3 hater Peter Molyneux's team has said Playstation games have inspired them? Did Peter's M$ bankrollers know they were going to make such a statement before they were let out of their cage? Does that mean Lionhead are planning games for PS3 now that the 360 sales lead is gone (or installed base was never there as everyone has had to buy three)? What next, Valve saying the PS3 isn't that bad after all and they're going to make games for it? lol… oh, hang on a second…