CTIA 2010 Reveals 10 New Android Smartphones – So Far

By Jamie Pert - Oct 7, 2010

A recent post on InformationWeek suggests that 10 new Android-based smartphones have already been revealed so far at the CTIA Wireless trade event, which probably means that Android’s market share will grow even more over the next 6 months or so.

So far most of the devices revealed have been mid-low end Android smartphones, with one exception, this is the Motorola Droid Pro, which many believe will be targeting RIM’s dominance in the enterprise market, you can find out more about the Motorola Droid Pro here.

Motorola has also showed us the Citrus, Bravo, Flipside and Flipout, you can find out more about the Citrus here and see specs, photos and prices for the Bravo, Flipside and Flipout here.

The underdog of the show so far for me is the Huawei Ascend, this will be available contract free for $150 from Cricket, you can then pay $55 per month for an unlimited deal, you can find out more here.

LG has revealed two Android-based smartphones so far at the event, these are the Sprint-bound LG Optimus S (here) and the T-Mobile-bound LG Optimus T, we have not yet spoke about the Optimus T, but we can confirm that it runs Android 2.2 and features a 3.2 inch screen and a 3.2 megapixel camera.

Finally Samsung has revealed two Android smartphones at the show, the Samsung Transform, which is being dubbed the mini Epic-4G, you can find out more about the Transform here, as standard it runs Android 2.1, however an update to Android 2.2 will be released.

Another Android-based Samsung smartphone at the show is the Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize, this isn’t strictly a new smartphone as it is a re-badged version of the Fascinate, however it was worth a mention as it is coming to U.S. Cellular on October 27, you can find out more here.

Which is your favorite mid-end Android smartphone revealed at CTIA 2010 so far?

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  • deraildoax

    Easily the Samsung Transform. Its a 3g device that has a qwerty keyboard, has a screen the size of the Iphones, has a front facing video chat camera, runs almost stock Android, and only costs $150 after rebate. Win win win. I sure love my Vibrant(work phone) but I wish it had a front facing video camera. I’m sold enough on the Transform that I’m getting my wife one to replace her dying Pre. I’ll save my upgrade for the next Webos device. Besides she needs to get used to the OS that’s taking the world by storm. As much as I love Webos it’ll never get the market share Android has. Like my swype input capital letters? 🙂