Chevy Volt Charging Station Cheaper Than Nissan Leaf’s

By Peter Chubb - Oct 7, 2010

Chevrolet has announced the price of a charging station for the Chevy Volt, and the initial price of $490 sounds good at first, take the $1,475 installation fee into consideration and the bill is much more. However, it has been noted that although this adds up to just under $2000, it is still slightly cheaper than the home charging station for the Nissan Leaf.

Chevrolet’s Voltec charging station is just one of a number of models due for release once the Volt goes on sale. The standard household 120V charging unit will take 10 hours to charge the Volt, whereas the Voltec 240V solution does it in four hours.

We understand that $1,475 is a lot of money for a company to charge to install something, but when it comes to electricity – safety is the number one priority.

Are you happy to pay that kind of money, or would you much rather stick with the cheaper but slower standard version? For more details visit Green Autoblog.

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  • Michael

    These chargers should be built into the car. You shouldn't have to buy anything. It should sense the supplied voltage, and charge.

  • guest 2

    Actually many homes in the US already use 220-250V outlets for dryers/ranges rated at 30-50A.

  • Edward Witt

    Peter you do understand the J1772 is a standard, right? LEAF owners could purchase the Voltec 240V EVSE from SPX and use it if they wanted to. But beyond that, the vast majority of owners will likely only need the free 120v EVSE that comes free with the electric cars.

  • guest

    The Volt/Lear charger is 15A and not even UL listed. $200 is a tiny discount for 1/2 the charge current. Leaf is a true EV and the overnight charge gets you a 100mi range. A PEHV, Volt will max out at 40mi. then you are burning gasoline and fundng Al Qaeda like anyone on the highway.

    This is not an apples apples comparison on any level.

  • This should be clarified by the fact that the Volt charger is only a 15amp charger and the station from AeroEnvironment for the Leaf is rated to 30amps. This is not really a big deal for this first set of cars since the onboard charger on the Leaf is only 3.3kw. But they have announced a 6.6kw charger for the next run of cars and it may be upgradable.