Call of Duty Black Ops: Official 3D FAQ Guide

By Alan Ng - Oct 7, 2010

For those of you who are still coming to terms with being able to play Call of Duty in full 3D, Treyarch has offered their services with an official 3D FAQ guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Another myth which some of you might be confused about, is that the game will also be playable in 3D on the Xbox 360 and PC – not just Sony’s PS3. According to Treyarch, the game will support Stereoscopic 3D on all three platforms.

As for their 3D FAQ, you can visit the website here. It has been designed purely for those who don’t really know too much about 3D and it also provides tips on where you can pick up 3D hardware, particularly for those wanting to use Nvidia’s 3D Vision Technology.

Furthermore, Treyarch posted this message on the FAQ about current 3D TV sets that are on the market:

”We are unable to provide an exhaustive list of all active-shutter 3D-enabled television hardware. We have successfully tested the game with recent models from Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, and LG”the four main ones then.

Do you already have a 3D TV set ready for Black Ops, or do you intend to go out and buy one?

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  • Eliver

    Who says you need a grand to buy a 3dtv. I got my 60″ for 730+ 160 shipping = $890. Getting my glasses for Xmas.

  • Eliver

    Forgot to add , lookup Mitsubishi wd60738 and that will help you find other TVs similar to mine

  • steve

    LOL have a 3dtv and it was a massive amazing suprise

  • Yves

    I gone buy a 3D HDTV just because of the pS3 and COD 3D update!

    Love it!

  • sterob

    wouldnt spend over a grand on a tv just to play 3d!

    • Mike

      i just got a 3d tv and played cod in 3d… you should spend way more than a grand and get one… panasonic…50 inch plasma bababababay

  • sproget

    I have a 3D tv…. Dont know if I'll defile it with COD though…