Xbox 360 Kinect: Protected Against RROD or not?

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2010

Whilst reading through the leaked user manual for Microsoft’s upcoming Kinect motion kit, a few warnings from Microsoft particularly caught our attention, especially the part which says ‘make sure Kinect is well-ventilated’.

If case you haven’t seen it already, you can check out the user manual here thanks to VG247, who were handed the entire manual split up into images via their unnamed tipster.

It got me thinking, if Kinect isn’t in a well-ventilated area, would it be prone to fail more easily? Microsoft has seemingly killed off the RROD problem with their new slimline Xbox 360 consoles, but the Kinect warning messages included in the manual was far from easy reading.

The manual also warns against placing the Kinect sensor directly onto the console, while the trouble-shooting section displays the warning about keeping Kinect ventilated.

Hopefully, the RROD problems are well and truly over, but it does get you thinking. Do you think the Kinect hardware is adequately equipped to deal with over-heating problems should they arise? What happens if gamers fail to read the manual and just go ahead and place Kinect anywhere?

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