Xbox 360 Kinect: “Play space” may disqualify you

By Peter Chubb - Oct 6, 2010

For those of you who have enjoyed living in your home with limited space, the time has come for you to wonder if you need to move. The reason why I say this is because the Microsoft Kinect is the next big thing in motion-sensing gaming, but requires more space than usual.

VG247 has managed to get hold of a Kinect user manual for the Xbox 360, and decided to upload them on their website. You can clearly see that in order to get the best from the new device, you need to be at least 6ft (1.8m) away from the sensor, and 8ft (2.5m) if there are two of you.

It was Daniel Feit from 1up who said, “play space may disqualify you from using Kinect.” Meaning if you were expecting to setup the Kinect in a small room, then forget it.

The manual will come in handy for those wanting the new device for the Xbox 360, such as a useful troubleshooting section. I know one thing, my wife will not be happy when I start moving the furniture around. Read the how to guide for the Kinect.

Knowing that you need to be a certain distance away from the sensor, will this be a deciding factor when you come to purchase the Microsoft Kinect?

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  • Winjorlose1993

    im sevenn feet away and mine keeps saying im too close

  • Winjorlose1993

    im sevenn feet away and mine keeps saying im too close

  • Winjorlose1993

    im sevenn feet away and mine keeps saying im too close

  • buck

    the information was useful.. im not rearranging furniture so my kids wont break my glass coffee table… i wanted it but maybe its just not for us right now

  • Kev

    For those Kinect complainers who keeps saying they won't spend the money to buy the unit, game, etc, well the Kinect wasn't marketed towards you. How hard is that to understand. It's marketed to the families with young children or woman and maybe seniors, period. The exact same demographics the Wii was marketed to. I would much rather get this as an add-on for my kids than getting them a lame Wii with last generation specs. This way, I don't need to buy another system and I can continue to use my Xbox 360.

  • Blitz

    Since I have not seen the Kinect in action I can not say how the camera pics up your body range wise. But as mentioned, if it has to get your whole body you probably have to be back further also if people are really jumping 2+ feet off the ground like in the pictures it may need even more.
    I have the Move and when I calibrate and see me on the screen. It is just above my knees. So I would have to stand further back to get all of me. I would not have enough room to go back further with out rearranging the furniture. So it is a consideration.

    I'm not a xbox hater love Gears, and Halo. I think Kinect has some potential as a new technology, but there is not a single game on the list that I would spend the money to play. Jumping on a raft, dancing in my living room, or playing sport games not what I am looking for. If they sell millions and the people who buy it enjoy those games, no skin off my teeth, good for them. But until they come up with games that I would be interested in playing to go with the Kinect I will pass.

  • Klatu

    Who the heck doesn't have 6 ft? Or 8ft for that matter? I have a studio apt and a good 10-12 feet from the couch to the tv. This is not even headline worthy. If you dont have 6ft for Move or Kinect, you obviously have bigger problems (like how to finally move out of that refrigerator box).

  • Scarface3010

    I have the move and I basically play with my gaming chair 3-4 feet from the tv with no issues. I think the problem with Kinect is that since it’s tracking your entire body you Need to be even further away. I just see too many issues with Kinect.

    • MR x 1000

      no on talks about the space you need for the playstation move! too many kinect haters, too scared because they know when it comes out it will sell millions by christmas!


  • marhorn

    Yeah, you aint reporting the Move needs X amount of space!


  • dan

    Exactly the same as playstation move recommends too…

    Cameras need space to fit people in. I suspect games that are designed to sit down with kinect won't require so much room, nor will single player games, etc etc.