Sony PSP2: New Release Date – Christmas 2011?

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2010

We have further details on the still-unannounced Sony PSP2 handheld now, this time with the details coming from a source close to developers and publishers that are currently hard at work on the next-gen PSP.

According to this report by VG247, the Sony PSP2 will be available to buy around Christmas next year. The site usually labels their PSP2 articles as ‘Rumor’, but there isn’t one this time, which probably means that there is some truth to these new details.

After countless leaks and rumors, everyone knows the PSP2 is inevitable now, as all eyes are firmly on Sony and their pending decision to make things official.

VG247’s report also reiterates that the PSP2 will come with two cameras – one on the front (video chat) and a separate one on the back. This could also mean that it’s going to have phone features too, as why would gamers need two cameras on the PSP? Touch screen controls on the back of the device have also been mentioned – not for the first time.

We hope Sony announces this soon – the suspense is killing us. Let us know your thoughts on the release date update. Do you think it will be out by Christmas 2011?

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