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Sharp Glasses-free 3D: Smartphone and tablet possibility

With 3D TV being the in thing for the moment, it came as no surprise that the likes of Toshiba and other companies will be aiming to get rid of those horrible glasses and come up with a glasses-free solution. Toshiba has already done so and will launch by December, but Sharp is still developing theirs.

However, I seem more drawn towards Sharp’s offering because of the screen sizes that they were showing during Ceatec, 3.8-inches and 10.6-inches. Now forgive me if I am wrong, but these could be the perfect size for a smartphone and a tablet device.

The glasses-free 10.6-inch 3D display is said to be very impressive, with Erica Orb from Cnet saying said that the 3D visuals were clear, but the viewing angle still has a way to go.

The 3-inch version looks to be a working progress, but Sharp must know this, which is why the technology is still in the development stage.

Do you expect Sharp to offer their own glasses-free 3D smartphone or tablet device, or just supply the screens?



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