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Samsung Galaxy S vs. iPhone 4 Sales: Apple unchallenged

The Samsung Galaxy S has been more popular than we had first thought, since its summer release more than five million units have been sold. However, when you compare this to the 8.4 million iPhone 4 handset sales it, shows that Apple is unchallenged.

Sales in the U.S have been very healthy, but things are very different in South Korea. Interest is still high in North America, but it seems that in Samsung’s native land more interest is being shown with the iPhone 4.

Although sales in the U.S. look to be very high, you have to remember that the Galaxy S is available on all four U.S. carriers, whereas the iPhone 4 is only available on one.

An article on Electronista points out that Samsung is now in talks with NTT DoCoMo in Japan to start supplying the Galaxy S and Tab in October and November respectively.

Do you think that the Galaxy S deserves to sell more units that the iPhone 4?

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