Samsung Galaxy S vs. iPhone 4 Sales: Apple unchallenged

By Peter Chubb - Oct 6, 2010

The Samsung Galaxy S has been more popular than we had first thought, since its summer release more than five million units have been sold. However, when you compare this to the 8.4 million iPhone 4 handset sales it, shows that Apple is unchallenged.

Sales in the U.S have been very healthy, but things are very different in South Korea. Interest is still high in North America, but it seems that in Samsung’s native land more interest is being shown with the iPhone 4.

Although sales in the U.S. look to be very high, you have to remember that the Galaxy S is available on all four U.S. carriers, whereas the iPhone 4 is only available on one.

An article on Electronista points out that Samsung is now in talks with NTT DoCoMo in Japan to start supplying the Galaxy S and Tab in October and November respectively.

Do you think that the Galaxy S deserves to sell more units that the iPhone 4?

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  • Which Samsung, they even copied the data cable from Apple. That they can come up with yourself?

    • Andrei Simescu

      witch Apple, their hardware is samsung made. They can’t make their own components?

      • wiiboii

        Samsung uses Google’s OS. Samsung can’t make their own software?

  • Independent

    Man o man do the Apple fanboys really get excited over nothing. Use a little common sense people. The Galaxy S is a new phone. The Galaxy S sales numbers represent NEW SALES. The iPhone 4 is the next iPhone. The sales number for the iPhone 4 include a massive number of client's UPGRADING from the iPhone or iPhone 3G. That massive number of upgrades is 77%. So to compare true sales numbers, you have to look at new sales vs new sales. Trust me that's what Apple really cares about. And unfortunately for them, that works out to be 1.9 Million vs 5 Million Galaxy S.
    I know at this point all you Blind followers of Steve Jobs are calling BS. Your shouting at your screens,"Show me your proof!!!"
    Will here's your proof kiddies. Read 'em and weep:

    Android is the future. No denying it. I've always said that as soon as you start seeing some real high end handsets for Android, Apple will be in trouble. That time is now. Android FTFW!

    • Eugene

      Amen brother!

    • Surendra

      I dont think ur logic is right. There will be so many among Samsung galaxy s buyers who are upgrading from some old samsung mobiles. Android will be the future but people dont buy based on OS alone, the branding of Apple will always be special.

  • richard

    iphone had a two month head start and a proven fan base. now the samsung phone will be sold in Japan plus has had geat reviews, I think Apple should start worrying. Also the samsung tab. will kill the ipad if it stays without the upgrades the galaxy tab has.

    A 7" tab. is much more mobile, but Apple's base will allways be with students and teenagers. Business people aren't using ipads and will not be using a samsung type tab unless the apps are created for small business users.

    • Ali

      Addition to that, you can make calls on galaxy tab (just place your sim card and its done) Plus considering the price of both product there is no need talk about the price/performance. Galaxy tab is more suitable for all kind of businesses…

  • Wadood Chaudhary

    I use both and I think iPhone has better screen and better camera. Its HD playback is also a slightly better. Its battery life is way better. Then of course it has some applications like Netflix which my Samsung Epic 4G does not have. In general iPhone apps, even by the same compnay, are 20-30% better.
    However, 4G, wifi hotspot, physical keyboard as well as Swype, navigation, Goggle voice, and definitely a better screen for watching movies both because of a bigger screen as well as great contrast, made me adopt Sprint Epic as my daytime phone. I still use IPod touch / iPad when at home for evening and weekends.
    I also think that Android widgets make you consume information without a single click, which is definitely a big plus over iOS based products where you have to go and open the corresponding apllication before you can do anything. This irritates me about iOS. However, really there is not much of a difference between the two. I will be very happy to use iPhone 24×7 if they add a wifi hot spot to their product.

  • Itham


    The Iphone is one devise only and believe me if it is available cross all carriers not only AT&T it will trouble the sales which will kill the Android, u will c it when vorizon get the iphone

  • If you are going to compare mobile operating systems instead of individual phone models then iOS is still in front of Android with 230,000 sales per day versus 200,000.


  • DLawt

    Actually I think this is the best comparison I've read so far. It compares one specific cell phone to another. Everybody harps in about Androind vs OS4 but that is not the comparison this article identifies. Whats the best selling OS for cell phones in the world… probably Symbian by far.

  • JK007

    The GalaxyS is only one phone in the Android ecosystem… these numbers point to anything but Apple being "unchallenged".

    Wait until the end of 2010 when the year-end numbers are available, and comparisons can be made between iPhone sales and overall Android sales in 2010… if these statistics are any indication, the iPhone will be totally DWARFED.

    • DLawt

      The article is identifying the 2 best selling smartphones… it is not pitting one OS versus another. Every OS related smartphone article out there is saying that Android is beating Apple hands down. When will you be satisfied.

    • Mushy4u

      You could say that about anything. Android is a type of operating system where many phones use it because it is good, like in the video game world…where a lot of games use the Unreal Engine because its very accessible. Apple uses the A4 processor in only its products because it want the machinery for itself. Android isnt some big group of machines that are owned by the same person or company…just a software for a mass of phone. To compare, the iPhone sales to all Androids is like comparing a Ferrari and a 10 dealerships of mustangs.

      • hyperlips

        yes man, but mustang will always win because is a muscle car. ferrary is jus a name…nothing else. btw, did you drived a shelby and talk on the galaxy while driving?…forget this in the ferrary, you will be limited by space and software. imagine 400m line yard startup… ferrary would have no chance. is sound like android vs iOS

      • hsfv

        haha that comparison is ridiculous, u cant compare an american mucle car to a italian sports car dumbass, there are made for different types of driving!! As opposed to the phones that strive to do the exact same things

  • drsilverworm

    Thanks for the comparison of sales numbers, but you aren't considering that people who choose Android over iOS have dozens of high-end handsets to choose from, while those on iOS only have the iPhone 4. If you really want to consider whether Apple is being challenged, you may want to add in the sales of devices like the Milestone 2/Droid 2, Droid X, and the new G2, all of which were released after the iPhone 4. And that's still not counting pre-iPhone 4 devices such as the Nexus One, HTC Desire, etc, or all the other Android phones sold after the iPhone 4 release. All these devices are competition that consumers can opt to choose instead of the iPhone 4.

    • DLawt

      Read the article… understand what its focus is. Its only about the best selling smartphones and has nothing to do with the OS. Android is killing Apple's IOS 4.1 hands down but that was not what this story was about. Plenty of stories out there that should satisfy you.

      • jsbfj

        thats all probably true but apple has ios 4.2 not 4.1