Samsung Galaxy S: Update on Android 2.2 Froyo Release Date

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2010

We have an update for our readers in the UK who are patiently waiting for Android 2.2 Froyo on the Samsung Galaxy S now, as Samsung has confirmed that the update has been delayed for a short while.

As reported from CNETUK, the update will be delayed on all four major carriers in the UK, but Samsung has reassured us that the update will be available before the end of this month.

If you didn’t know already, the Froyo update was due on the Galaxy S at the end of September in the UK, while Galaxy S users in the US are also waiting for Samsung to get their act together.

Samsung also stated that users on T-Mobille, Orange, Vodafone and O2 would receive the update to Android 2.2 Froyo ‘at the same time’ – let’s see if they can stick to that bold statement.

Let us know your thoughts on the delay – hardly ideal is it?

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  • edwards

    I guess when in two goes by they will say more bullshit and end up wauting till next year, fuck you samsung

  • rrb

    hmm… actually when froyo will release for indonesia user ?, hope S can give us sure date b’cause we already frustated …

  • ray

    if i don,t have my update by november i will never by samsung again

    • Richard

      I agree. I will also never buy a Samsung again if the 2.2 isn't here by Nov.

  • Fentex

    Android device suppliers really need to make their customisations via applications and not by modifying kernels and provide for quick and easy distribution of updates that don't wait on manufacturers updating kernel/os mods.

    What if a critical flaw is disacovered that demands quick updates?

  • Alan

    Cozzer- Im in the same postion as you, ive jusgt ordered my 's' today with Orange. I don't know if i should wait until Novemeber for the desire HD? Looking at the reviews both phones are very good? Also any news on the Froyo update?

  • cozzer

    getting the samsung galaxy s next week just asking is it any good on vodafone only by the sounds of it the desire hd is good dont know weather to cancel and get the desire hd and ideas please???

    • trev

      desire hd is a long way short of an Galaxy S i9000 – Vodafone on the other hand are useless – avoid.

  • ryan

    F*&K Samsung they promised a 2.2 update that should have came on the device out of the box! No real response letting us "Galaxy S holders" know when this update will come about!!?? By the time this update comes about, Gingerbread will already be released and I'll have to wait Six more months for that update?

    Very Angry!!!

    • Rixsta

      I was in the same boat as you a couple of days ago, very angry, terrible lag, no froyo. Not to mention the terrible battery. Oh and dont put to many apps on or it will be even slower.

      Very happy now…the phone went on ebay and ive ordered a desire hd…its super lcd may not quite match the super amoled but i dont care…and i wont be left hanging as it ships with 2.2…see ya Samsumg i wont be coming back anytime soon.

  • GDan

    ….BTW is it just me or is anyone else Galaxy S's lag seemingly getting worse and worse? It's driving me crazy now. You can press a button or an on screen icon for something simple like to open the camera, or texts or to make a call and it will take like 5 seconds at least to do anything other than come up with a black screen. I know I have quite a few apps and stuff on my phone now but that should make little or no difference surely.

    • Mike

      Try the "one click lag fix"

      I applied this last week and my phone has been screaming fast ever since.
      I did a bench mark on quadrant, and it scored over double what it scored previously!

      • Andy

        What one click lag fix?!

      • NoJoke

        I have the lag-fix, but it still seems slow. For instance the ring-tone starts and the phone takes for ever to show the icon or respond to touch, so that I can pick the call! It does get worse with time….

    • Rob

      If you are using the stock 2.1 look for "one click lag fix" on the Android market, you will have to root your phone to use it and the VOIDS THE WARRANTY so be warned. It will also I believe return your phone to the default state so back up your apps

      1 Download and install
      2 Open app and click "Root device 2.1"
      3 Turn Device off and boot into recovery mode (press volume up, home, and power all at the same time until the samsung splash screen appears)
      4 Using volume up and down select apply " fro sdcard" (it will say something like that) you might have to hit home or powerbutting to actually choose that option.
      5 phone will reboot open one click lage fiix again and choose Install EXT2 Tools
      6 one that is done choose one click lag fix 2.1 this will take a while
      you're done

      • trev

        Use the voodo lag fix – no need to root and reversable – perfect

  • GDan

    ….BTW is it just me or is anyone else Galaxy S's lag seemingly getting worse and worse? It's driving me crazy now. You can press a button or an on screen icon for something simple like to open the camera, or texts or to make a call and it will take like 5 seconds at least to do anything other than come up with a black screen. I know I have quite a few apps and stuff on my phone now but that should make little or no difference surely.

    I love this phone but that is a shocking waiting time for simple features!

  • GDan

    Great, thanks for the info-nice to have some decent feedback from decent people in a forum. Sooner the better hopefully for all of us!

  • James

    if you dont want the carrier branded rubbish then stump up and buy an unsubsidised handset. if you want a cheap/free phone then you must expect the carrier to lump on stuff they'll try to make money off you from. if you want to watch coronation street then you have to put up with the adverts!

    thats how the world is at the moment, of course we all know that it could be a huge selling point if providors just said 'we sell you a phone as the manufacturer designed it'. its a nice phone but its a pain living with orange on top of samsung/touchwiz on top of android…

    and yes i know that rooting is one solution, a better one would be not to do it in the first place.

  • dino

    frankly I don't believe Samsung and the networks with their dates. I'll check one time in a month and it might be there. Stop messing customers around by giving foolish deadlines (and then breaking them). I also advise that Samsung better do a good job and incorporate the ext4 lag fix. Thankfully XDA as far better programmers than samsung. Its up to samsung to prove me wrong.

  • simon

    I hope the release won't be network branded froyo !!! I bought my SGS unbranded through Car Phone Warehouse with a contract for Orange to provide a SIM and network service. If mine end's up spattered with Orange apps and branding it's going straight back ! Orange are there to provide a wireless network service (a PROVIDER), they are not the operating system on my phone or the manufacturers (the only 2 that are allowed to alter and improve customer experience and how my phone is presented and operates). So be warned ! Providers … concentrate on getting me a good reliable fast network service and stop d1ck1ng around thinking you can write apps!

  • test1

    Don't use ext2. It does not support journalling. RFS does use journalling. However, ext3 and ext4 both support journalling.

    The later hardware releases of the i9000 were eFused (mine included), which disabled the 3-button recovery menu option. I would verify that the 2.2 update does not include anything in the fireware (SBL) that would perform something similar to the G2 'phone offered by T-Mobile in the US, where the it checks on boot for unofficial ROMs and then reinstalls the stock version at boot-time.

    One has to wonder why manufactures do this. Initially, I thought that it was because many people were bricking their 'phone and the companies wanted to avoid returns. If this were true, then all they had to do is include a recovery menu that allowed one to reinstall the stock with ease in case they bricked their 'phone from installing non-T-Mobile and non-Samsung ROMs. Then people could install and corrupt until to their hearts content and know that recovery was just a step away. Therefore, I do not think that the rebuild stock from T-Mobile was to stop bricked returns.

  • Rixsta

    Yes you need the sim free firmware when it comes out and then flash that to your phone, you should go over to xda developers and they will tell you everything you need to know about doing this.

  • Paul L

    if you root your phone I am sure you can remove all the Vodaphone stuff that they put on it.

  • mkb

    It is disappointing to see that Samsung is launching in Japan….I have been waiting over 1 month in Halifax NS and today found out that it could be an additional month or more before there will be any in NS, Canada. They should be sure they can supply where they already have business before launching another country .

  • GDan

    Anyone know if there's going to be an alternative 2.2 update for Vodaphone customers(or anyone else who doesn't want their provider's rubbish in the package)? What I mean is will we be able to download 2.2 to our phones ourselves without all the Vodaphone rubbish attached to it? Surely there must be another option? PLEASE???

  • Rixsta

    Just something else to note, Id say the delay was due to touchwiz 3.0 and not actual Froyo, if the Galaxy s was running stock Android I'd bet money that we would have the update already.


  • Rixsta

    I had a thought about your warranty flashing new firmware, if you save your original firmware then its always there to flash back too, problem solved.
    To bob, Im sure that 2.2 will be very stable, the third leaked version was stable but this will not fix the lag with the RFS problem, you will still need to apply the lag fix which uses EXT2.
    As for the 3 network I have no idea and Samsung old state that it will be out at the same time for the four major carriers, Id have to believe that the update for 3 network would come later than the rest, although this may not be the case.
    Either way there is no guarantee that even the likes of myself and others with the sim free version or the major carriers will be getting Froyo this month, nobody knows for sure whether it will be ready or not…..its just a waiting game, all I know is its not going to be pleasant for some to read reviews of the Desire HD running Froyo while we are all still waiting….

  • Shazi

    Is the 2.2 update gona come end of the month for samsung galaxy s on the 3 network aswell in uk.pls let me know

    • wizard1

      You can flash to a generic firmware using samsung kies by editing the registry very easy option rather than using odin.

    • Stefan

      Would be awesome to get an answer to that one! Otherwise, it's root and flash for me, and no more worries about Samsung updating their software.

  • Rixsta

    I here you all, I too love this phone, it does so many things well.
    Im hoping with the froyo and then using Ryan's lag fix again all will be well, I just get a bit annoyed that you spend this kind of money for something that's not right and we have to mod to get it close to how it should be.
    About Vodafone, I heard about their 2.1 update full of there own bloatware, I also heard that they wasn't going to make the same mistake with 2.2 froyo, mmmm, thats silly if they do, did you know that you can run a small program from your pc to unlock your phone, Samsung kept the unlock codes within the phone, then it would be a case of flashing it with the sim free version of froyo when it comes out, you will be able to download that at when its out and use odin to flash. I would rather have no warranty than a useless phone.
    I recommend the lag fix though no matter what firmware you have, it has an undo fearture to which is good, makes a big difference to the phones performance you can even get it on the android market and there is no need for a pc to root and lag fix…….although it only roots 2.1 at the moment, 2.2 needs rooting form a pc.
    I'll wait till froyo is out and re apply the fix and see how it runs then before I make my mind up to jump ship…..time will tell….its that darn screen that keeps us in samsung's web, need to see the S-LCD on the Desire HD, although I already know it wont be as sharp but they state it will be even better outdoors than the Amoled…..for now I'll sit and wait

  • Bob

    Good for Samsung. Given the hassles that others have had with updates, it's good to know that it's being tested in some depth before it gets released. I'm looking to upgrade to a Galaxy S but I'm happy to wait until I know I can get one with a stable 2.2 already installed.

    • Brett

      Get the Galaxy S, you will love it. I have already converted two iPhone users after they played with my Galaxy S.

      • Franciz

        I got the samsung vibrant a couple months ago and I’m lovin it till right girlfriend got an iphone 4 two days ago and I have to say apples software is alot smoother than android.. And retina display is alott brighter and crisper than super amoled.. And.i had.both devices on full brightness

  • jimc130

    I am a Vodafone customer in UK waiting patiently(ish) for 2.2, but now Vodafone have announced that when they get 2.2 they are going to add a whole load of their own branding and apps – which we will not be able to un-install.
    They already pushed this stuff out on a 2.1 update 2 weeks ago causing devices to slow down/cut out/poorly perform.
    They are going to force customers down the warranty breaking flashing route – and they are going to lose customers.

  • lukigi

    I had hero HTC before and was aiting for the 2.1 update for almost a year. It was pushed back over and over and over again. So its not only Samsung that has problems with updates. Besides Iove this phone anyway 😀

  • Dunga

    Rixsta – I would consider other phones – But I am in love with the 4" super ALD screen until this is liscensed to HTC it will be hard for me to consider anything else.

    like you I am frustrated that Samsung are not doing better on the software side.

  • Rixsta

    Tipical Samsung…we should be thankful we are getting an update at all…some phones never got 2.1 in the past so this extra wait, although not ideal, could be worse.

    The thing that worries me is if froyo doesn’t fix the lag in the RFS files then i wouldn’t be looking forward to it too much.

    If it wasn’t for the guys at xda that have made a work around fix then I wouldnt have kept the phone…Want froyo next week without any lag? then go buy the HTC Desire HD