RSC Raptor GT Looks Like a Ferrari 599

What do we have for you here, it looks like a Ferrari 599, but it is not. What we are looking at is a RSC Raptor GT, but it is not like your normal supercar. Hiding under the hood is a rotary engine (a.k.a wankle), which is something that Mazda has been using for a while now.

Rotary Super Cars, the company behind the Raptor GT is said to be building four trim levels, these include the S, RS, RSR and N-Spec. Differences will include engine power outputs from 500hp to 1,200hp –that’s more power that a Bugatti Veyron.

Autoblog informs us that the independent German manufacturer will use start-of-the-art technology to develop these cars, such as an eight-speed sequential transmission, electronic differential and active aerodynamics and suspension.

No details has been given as to when the car will go into production and what the price will be, but we expect it to be much lower that a Ferrari 599. For more details visit the Rotary Supercars website.


  • vincent

    This actually IS a Ferrari 599XX, since it’s a CGI based over a 59XX picture taken from the KENNOL website! They have been involved in the 599XX development or tests and in the gallery the EXACT same image is here, 4th picture under “RACE_02” I think. It’s just been mirrored and retouched:

    They even kept the glowing brakes!!! Is that very professional?


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