Motorola Windows Phone 7: Could stem Android growth

By Peter Chubb - Oct 6, 2010

We all know about the ongoing patents issue that Microsoft has with Motorola, so we were surprised to learn that both parties are open to the possibility of Windows Phone 7. It is no secret that Motorola is mostly known for offering Android handsets, if this deal were to go ahead, then this could stem Google’s mobile OS growth.

Sanjay Jha, the CEO of Motorola had this to say, “I am open to finding ways to work with Microsoft.” It seems that although there is this lawsuit hanging over them, they are still happy to offer a Windows Phone 7 device to its customers.

I can remember a couple of years ago, Moto were struggling in a market being dominated by the likes of Apple and RIM, but since heavily backing Android things have turned around for them. Maybe they feel that a new WinMo handset will offer the same benefits.

We cannot see why Motorola and Microsoft will not work together, HTC, LG and Samsung has already signed up to work with Microsoft. More details on this can be found on WSJ.

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