Motorola Droid Pro: Specs, Verizon Release Date and Photos

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2010

Motorola has just made the Droid Pro handset official, and you may be in for a huge surprise if you were expecting it to be the Motorola Droid 2 World Edition – we can tell you that it’s completely different.

As reported from BGR, the Motorola Droid Pro is a 3.1-inch candybar type device, which will be equipped with Android 2.2 Froyo and Blur UI. It does have that global feature that we knew about, as the Droid Pro will be usable in more than 220 countries according to the press release.

Other specs include a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus, a 1GHz processor and dual-mode GSM/CDMA support. No word on pricing yet, but Motrorola has said that the Droid Pro will be available on Verizon during the first week of November.

You can view the press release over at BGR, as well as some official product photos. What are your thoughts on the somewhat surprising Droid Pro? Do you like it or not?

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  • SusieQ

    My Q died 10/14/10. RIP . Had to replace it, went with the droid2. Nice phone but I'm so hoping I'll be able to switch to the pro before my 30 days are up…

  • release date?

  • I agree the Droid Pro looks pretty good, I am def going to check it out… but "last of the dying blackberryers"? Blackberry still dominates the market… granted not in growth, but many people including myself really like Blackberry. If the there was a CDMA Torch for verizon I would get that, but I need something to replace my Storm 2 and this might be it.

  • hhp

    exactly, moto is smart to convince the last of the dying blackberryers (yes i am one of them, just waiting for the right android) to switch. i know quite a few people, including myself, who prefer a real keyboard and so the switch is hard since most of the good devices are all touch screen. and we don't like flipping or sliding to access a crucial aspect of the smartphone. waste of effort and eventually wear will break the hinges.

  • Droid2FTW

    Looks like a flippin' blackberry!!! :O

  • Dicky H

    Wonderful. At last a replace for my aging Mot Q phone. I like the one handed keyboard access.

    • Jim

      I have a Mot Q9M and I have been waiting for something that meets my needs. As you know sync problems have occured with many of the other smartphones. Hopefully this will be the one

      • Jamie

        Will it sync with Outlook?