Logitech Revue with Google TV: Price and Info

By Jamie Pert - Oct 6, 2010

If you are looking for the best way to bring Google TV to your front room you should consider Logitech Revue, Revue lets you find what you want to watch instantly, no matter if its on your TV’s satellite service, the internet, apps or digital media.

When you buy Logitech Revue you are getting a Google TV box and a wireless keyboard which features an integrated touch and directional pad, other package contents include an IR blaster, AA batteries and a HDMI cable.

The complete setup will cost you $299 and can be pre-ordered here, if you are already on Dish Network it costs $179.

Once set up correctly you should have access to a wide-range of media from your keyboard, this basically means you have a never ending source of entertainment at your fingertips, from satellite TV to YouTube videos, everything can be watched with Logitech Revue.

We have embedded a video below which explains exactly why you should buy Logitech Revue.

Will you buy Logitech Revue? Do you think it can take on Apple TV?

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  • Zach

    Cal410- just wanted to correct some information, I work at DISH and the price is $179 not $169.

  • nvegatech

    Hi, this is Nicole and I find the Logitech Revue's enhanced integration with DISH to add great features to my TV viewing. I work for DISH Network so getting to work with the equipment before release sold me on getting my own. The Logitech Revue pairs nicely with my VIP 722k DVR and allows me to expand on searches that I before never had the ability to do. In comparison to like products out on the market, $179 is a great deal for the given technology.

  • WWWsurfing

    No enough reason to pay $300 extra for the box,

  • guest

    299.00 to 399.00 for the google tv is way over priced. if it came with a hard drive or a flash drive i can see why it would cost so much but it dont. im sure you can buy a external hard drive and hook it up to a usb port but thats going to cost you about another 100 bucks. i might as well get a mac mini for 699.00 it comes with a hard drive it plays every format you can think of and it does everything the google tv can and more

  • guest

    Too expensive

  • Scott B

    Cost are to high, And Apple offers a Better Well rounded ecosystem, Google is finding that more companies are not as accepting of them as they would like everyone to believe.

    The Google Box has NO hard Drive (at that Price you Think it Would), and is Just a Pass Through Box that gathers Personal Search information that the user Inputs.

    People don't realize that Google gets paid good money for each and every search we make, I will Not Pay for Another Form of Advertisement on My Television, At least with the Apple TV I get what I Want and with NO Extra Advertisements.

    Soon applications will be offered On the Apple TV with the 4.2 software release in November all for the $99.00. Apple TV, Compare that to the $300.00 Google TV.

    Why would I pay 4 times more fore a Advisement TV Google BOX, Just Doesn’t Make Sense.

    Panasonic has turned Google TV integration Down for integration in all of their TV sets, Google also has Allot of problem due to the Oracle and Java code theft ( And Google has a very good chance of Losing this one even though they spin it otherwise) and that means Android days are numbered and so would be Google TV's due to the
    Code involved.

    No, Google has to much on its plate at this time, it needs to refocus on what it does best "Search", Instead of trying to take over the world's information.

    But Then they always try to spin the truth, They are a Advertisement company at the roots.

    White Wash Anyone.

    • Anonymous

      Thank You For this post, My mother was interested in Google TV and asked me, "Does it have a hard drive to record shows" and i said… hmmm good question i do not know.

      So i began my search didnt really find the answer till u stated it, i cant believe it doesnt i would assume for 300$ it would give u a hard drive in it, I NEED to be able to pause and replay what i watch and save them for later use in case i wanna watch them again. In the end she wont bother with google tv and neither wll I.

    • cal410

      Um Apple TV has no hard drive either. The Revue will ship with Android 2.2 so there's the apps and what ever way you want to customize your TV with no jailbreak. Apple does also collect information for advertising and it's integrated into iOS. It's called iAds so there goes your illusion that Apple doesn't collect information. And the Revue will cost $169 with existing DISH service. It will have a full featured browser with Flash. For $300 it's a great deal. Especially when it includes a nice full featured wireless keyboard with built in track pad plus the ability to use your iPhone or Android phone as a remote control. Apple has been sued by Motorola for infringing on patents related to the iPhone,iPad, and Mac software. HTC has sued Apple. Nokia has too. There goes your other illusion. If you love Apple just say so. So why would I pay 4 times more? Because I don't have dish. And because it's worth it and all of the above reasons.

    • Vic

      My friend if you have problm with google then dont use them. If they make money with our every serch what is wrong with that?