Left 4 Dead The Sacrifice DLC: Unfair for Xbox 360 Owners?

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2010

As we informed you last week, Valve has now released their newest DLC pack for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 users on Xbox 360, PC and Mac. While PC users are loving the updates from Valve, perhaps Xbox 360 owners have a right to be a little aggrieved about this.

In case you didn’t know, Valve has made The Sacrifice pack a free download for PC owners of Left 4 Dead and L4D2, and its even free for Mac users playing Left 4 Dead 2 as well.

However, those wanting to play the new content on Xbox 360 will be hit with a 560 Microsoft Points charge – why? As VG247 reports here, Valve are even going slightly crazy with some discounts to both games on the Steam store.

As an Xbox 360 owner, do you feel like you are being treated unfairly knowing that PC and Mac users are getting the same content for free? Let us know if you want to get something off your chest.

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  • KryptosFang

    This is way after the release of "The Sacrifice", but I wouldn't mind paying for it. I love my 360. What really pisses me off is the fact that you have to pay 560 TWICE for l4d and l4d2. Personally, I would rather pay it once to get "The Sacrifice" on both, and pay something like 160 points for "No Mercy" since it has no achievements.

    Also, the late release was a Microsoft problem incase a few people still argued about it. When the Defiant Map Pack came out for Halo: Reach, it was a day late (which got me pretty pissed, i wanted my new achievements to regain my 100%)

    Don't be surprised if the same thing happens on may 3rd with the Call of Duty: Black Ops new DLC "Escalation"

  • xboxblues

    in three years, this is my 4th xbox console (warranty issues), PLUS several games at $60 a piece, PLUS $60 a year for the "live" subscription, not to mention the extra controllers, headsets, battery-packs… I think microsoft has ENOUGH of my money

  • ronak

    look im not trying to start a console war but valve is a pc company, and its their preferred platform. their community is so much stronger on the pc that the xbox community does not concern them as much. valves pc community is amazing with thousands of mods supported by valve

  • jack

    Cry more. Get a PC and start playing real games. Consoles are toys for babies.

    • Jasen

      …coming from the guy who probably has to use an aimbot to win a match…don't hate on consoles b/c you can't figure out how to use a controller rather than a mouse! Have fun with your Alienware PC you dropped 2g's on…

      …not hating on PC gamers in general…just this guy…

  • Jasen

    I'm a PS3 user so this does not really do anything for me…but I do have a Mac and I'm really excited to see the L4D stuff coming our way. I checked this morning and saw it available and started the D/L…should be all set when I get home from work. Valve seems to be getting along with Sony again and they have also been bring a lot of games to Mac lately…heck I D/L Portal for free awhile back. So, Valve has been on my good side for awhile now and it looks like they are there to stay. I can see how people feel a little cheated with all this, but that's how it goes. If anything I'd look at Microsoft to blame more than Valve…but I'm a big Microsoft hater… I blame them fro everything!

  • Happy Steam User

    There's a reason I don't play Valve games on the 360 any more. Have you seen TF2 on the 360? The Pyro can't even air blast! I love Valve's free updates, but MS won't let them release them for free on the 360. Don't blame Valve, blame MicroSoft.

    And Valve doesn't need to worry about money. Since they opened up the TF2 In Game Store, they've been racking in the dough.

  • TJM

    What makes it unfair is how unbelievably broken the DLC is on Left 4 Dead 2 if you play on an official dedicated server. I wouldn't mind getting that stuff for free but having to pay for DLC that simply isn't finished is pretty mental.

  • DemonSink

    I don't find it unfair that we had to pay a little extra. 7 bucks isn't that big a deal. What DOES bother me, is that microsoft can't meet the deadline to release it. I'm sure that there's blame to share for that between them and Valve, but I'd assume that while Valve fumbled the ball, Microsoft dropped it. And then made us pay for the ball.

  • rich

    You guys do realize that Bill Gates a dirty whore, right? I blame Microsuck for this, not Valve. If we could somehow d/l it online for 360 and add it ourselves I have no doubt it would be free, but Bill needs another swimming pool! I had no real problem paying the small amount, but I was SO excited to come home from work and d/l it and guess what, slam! No add on. WTF guys?! I like my 360, but I may buy this game for my PC now if I can find a controller. I CANNOT play a game with a frikkin mouse, it's just stupid!

  • ronaldstumps

    so it would seem that microsoft is awesome XD
    I can see valve being awesome as well by saying "hey play on pc" but btw its on Windows which is also owned by microsoft so doing that is like saying "go buy a $500 PC" or whatever resonably priced computer could handle it. But, Console gaming has been a useful tool since I have a tremor in my hands. Unfortunately can't handle the precision of mouse and keyboard or buying a remote because your still outclassed by mouse n keyboard.

  • BFB

    I'm increasingly getting the feeling that Valve have done this in order to hurt microsoft's profits on xbox downloads. By offering it cheaper in a different format and making xbox users wait, I get the impresson that this is quite deliberate on Valve's part. 12:15p.m. here now and still no sign of the xbox DLC…



  • annabelle

    It's now 10.38am in the UK and still, no sign of any DLC. Me and my friends love left 4 dead and have even gone to the extent of reading the comics in anticipation for this new map, we're also interested to play no mercy with the new special infected. I'm super pissed off at the slackness of whoever takes care of this stuff at xbox. Already theres footage of the new maps on youtube uploaded by PC users, what is so difficult about realeasing them all AT THE SAME TIME?! At the very least the PC and MAC release should have been post poned the same as it has been on xbox, seems as though we have to pay for the sodding thing. quite frankly theyve bollocksed it up royally.

  • Apesforsale

    Exactly what timezone is this in when they say 'The Evening'. I spent ages checking if it was there yesterday afternoon, it's just become a complete disappointment 🙁

  • Synacious

    Yes, the PC gamers got it yesterday afternoon, Petefeet.

  • I've had the PC DLC since this afternoon. Took forever because everyone was downloading it but whatevz. It's 4:10 in the a.m. and still no Xbox 360 DLC yet. Kinda glad I spent the $10 for the L4D 1 and 2 bundle on Steam for my PC instead. The free DLC is awesome and theres a metric butt-load of downloadable maps and campaigns as well for the PC version. I highly recommend buying it on the PC if you have the option. I'm pretty sure the 360 delay is on Microsoft's end tho. Xbox hasn't mentioned a word of the new content at all nor have they promoted the online comic or anything.

  • BFB

    This isn't the first time I've been aggrieved by Valve's timing… the release date advertised for l4d2 was US-only, but it didn't say that anywhere, so I booked time off and… no game to play on my day off work. So again, yesterday, I waited all day and cancelled things in the evening so I could play the new content. 10a.m. here in England and I still don't have any idea when this will be available. I realise ms have to claw back some of the huge losses they made in gaining a foothold in the console wars, but 560 points seems a tad excessive when the same content is free for pc users. Of course, if you want the content for both l4d and l4d2 (I'd rather play it on l4d than the sequel as I find it feels more solid) that means you have to buy 2000 ms points. I mean, really. Why not make it a round 1000 for both? I think the points system should be banned – what's wrong with just charging a cash price?

  • E. Danvers

    Why doesn't this 'journalist' write about something more news worthy like how Xbox owners still don't have the DLC rather than rubbing salt in people's wounds by pointing out AGAIN that PC users have it for free?

  • susan

    Honestyly, this is getting silly now. Not only do we have to fork out 1120 ms points (nearly £10) for the dlc for L4D & L4D2 but we're getting it a day late and now Valve are offering both full games and all the dlc for less than that on Steam. Talk about taking the piss.

  • Cee

    Grrr…. This wait is killing me….

  • Marc

    how do xbox players have to wait till we get it on xbox iv been waiting since yesterday ??

  • Petefeet

    Does anyone know where the DLC is!?! Do they PC gamers have it already?

  • cade

    maybe we will get it free tommorrow, maybe if valve pays xbox a little bit, maybe they will put up the dlc for free for xbox owners for a few days, maybe that explains the huge sale on both left 4 dead games on steam, that would be a nice thought though, what do u guys think

  • Horgeue

    I have a huge problem with DLC. In this instance though, I'm just annoyed that they are jerking everyone around and not giving them an exact time as to when it'll be available. People would calm down if they knew a time, they wouldn't have to check on the hour. If Microsoft doesn't know a time, fuck em.

  • Dood

    I am fine with being charged ren if I’d rather not. However, I am outraged to the point of not buying it anymore because I waited all day for it, and it never came. To my knowledge, it’s still not available for download. I don’t care whose fault it is, both Microsoft and Valve can suck my left nut.

  • Elliot

    Valve have always been pretty bad at keeping to deadlines, but they've always released great content & all their DLC has always been free (on their end at least).
    Microsoft force the charge on XBox DLC, despite Valve's protests. Which is probably one of the major reasons that Valve have been pushed into friendlier territory with Sony & the PS3 & are releasing Portal 2 themselves directly on PS3 &, probably, going to provide free DLC for that to PS3 as well as PC as a result, since Sony have no policies in place preventing that.
    It's Microsoft shafting their clients, not Valve.
    The late release for 360 is unfortunate, but if I were Valve my attitude across the board would be "It's free & it's awesome, so it's childish & selfish to complain if it's slightly late. If your on Xbox & it wasn't free, then that sucks, but your beef's with Microsoft, not us."

  • cade

    oh i c, maybe steam selling left 4 dead 1 and 2 all day long for $6.79. making xbox owners wait an extra day for our own benifit, maybe it will free for xbox owners, that would really be a nice thing

  • cade

    steam is selling left 4 dead 1 and left 4 dead 2 for $6.79 each and gets the sacrifice dlc free and xbox makes us wait an extra day and still makes us pay $7.00 for the dlc, that is just fracking wrong. I ALSO THINK VALVE IS TRYING 2 SAY SOMTHING TO XBOX BY MAKING BOTH LEFT 4 DEAD GAMES CHEAPER, THAN WHAT XBOX OWNERS WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR JUST THE DLC

  • cade

    steam is selling left 4 dead 1 and left 4 dead 2 for $6.79 each and gets the sacrifice dlc free and xbox makes us wait an extra day and still makes us pay $7.00 for the dlc, that is just fracking wrong, yep

  • Lindsey

    I find it extremely unfair. Not only because PC and Mac users get BOTH games for $10, plus ALL the DLCs for free, but also because 360 users, who have to pay, have STILL not received The Sacrifice on Xbox Live. If Valve can get the DLC out for PC and Mac users, why hasn’t it been released for 360 users? Very disappointed in Valve right now :/

  • Jesse

    dont really care if its free or not the thing is that its not on the 360 yet. NOT SHOWING UP ON MY MARKETPLACE

    • Dave

      Exactly my thoughts! It's the 6th and still not up… ugh

  • Not only are they charging for it, if you want to get the pack for L4D and L4D2, you have to pay 560 twice!! And on top of that, they've reduced the price of the actual games for PC users, and I think it works out that downloading the game for PC is cheaper than downloading the add on for Xbox.

  • Guest

    This actually has more to do with Microsoft’s policy on Free DLC than Valve, which has always gone out of its way to provide free content for PC players.

    Essentially, Microsoft only allows a certain amount of downloadable content to be free. Rockstar ran into the same problem when publishing DLC for Red Dead Redemption, which is why Liars and Cheaters was released as a “double pack.”

  • Frankie

    That's corporate greed, I wonder if the executives know what it's like to be a poor gamer? Then again, has a corporation ever cared for their market base? Probably not, so realistically Microsoft will do next to nothing (maybe reduce the price a hair) and make it look like the deal of the century (as if they're humanitarians to their gamers….stingy pricks).

    So gamers, unite. It's kind of your basic right to do so….Let's hear it for the Freedom to Assemble! Well, anyway, hopefully you voice your opinions too and understand where I come from after reading the above.

    Valve, time and time again you prove to be good to your fans. For that you deserve my thanks, Mr. Alan Ng for making this article, and on that note good luck gamers; it's up to you.

  • Jimmy

    I'm very annoyed at this. I spent most of the day checking Live's marketplace, in voice chat with friends waiting, etc. I'm far more interested in this than I was in Reach. I'd like to think I'd take it a little better if Microsoft wasn't treating us, the 360 users, the way they have lately. $10 a month increase in Live, advertisements all over the dashboard, 1 vs 100 being cancelled, Joyride going from being announced as free to being regeared for Kinect. Granted, I'm sure it's both parties fault to some degree. Valve, even if they don't mean it, are pouring salt in our wounds with the sale. They also apparently release the PC software and send it to Microsoft to get rated and whatnot at a very close time.

    I just wish they'd make it up to us someway. Discounting it to 400 the first day or releasing a free L4D2 premium theme would be nice, but I'm not expecting anything from any company suits.

    I don't expect them to bend over backwards or anything… I know it's business. It's just I love my 360 and Valve and wish they'd show a bit more fair respect to their consumers instead of just taking our money.

  • John

    I think it has something to do with microsoft's Xbox live program. I dont think valve is being unfair to its Xbox players. I think you have microsoft to blame for that.

    • foxworthy21

      yes that is correct. Every patch and DLC has to be approved by Microsoft themselves and this takes time. Valve is not to be blamed for. I'm not saying MS is evil or something but charging for free DLC and delaying it speaks more for itself.

  • Tim-ster!

    Microsoft is full of shit for charging us for the valve dlc,
    valve should have their own support system for their products on xboxlive but no Microsoft wont allow any of tht shit ugh its time to move on to the pc
    fuck u xbox hungry money machine!

  • John D'oh

    Hey Alan Ng, how about addressing the fact that the DLC hasn't even been RELEASED yet for the Xbox. It's almost midnight on the West Coast and it's still not available. Maybe do some research first and write about that before you start asking a question that's already been asked a million times already? Here's a great topic for a 'journalist' like yourself to research; "How come it hasn't been released yet for the Xbox?" Valve got something against Microsoft? Microsoft have problems on their end? You know, write something useful.

  • Nunya

    This is an outrage! Both my fiance and I have been waiting for this all day, it was our anniversary on Tuesday and we were both super excited for 'The Sacrifice' because the release day was Oct. 5th…. later we find out that it'll be released during the evening. It's 2:10 in the morning and still waiting. Not only did the PC and Mac get this already but they're getting it for free! Us 360 users still have to pay 560 MP and we still don't have the privilege of buying it yet. I don't mind buying it at all just stick to your word, if you say it's coming out Oct. 5th make sure it comes out on Oct. 5th because I'm sure a lot of people went out of they're way expecting this DLC to come out and nothing!
    The least Valve can do is update us on whats going on or even when and what time this DLC is coming out for the 360.
    I'm tired of waiting…

  • Ash

    Yeah Im feeling very annoyed especially since the dlc is not even out on the 360 yet, once again valve neglects the console version of the game and misses another release date for content. For gods sake are they even reliable?!?!

    • foxworthy21

      you do know that every patch and DLC has to get approved by Microsoft right? This is a timely process so don't blame Valve for it.

  • Obviously Anon

    Besides the fact that it has even been released on Xbox from where I am, I still have to pay for this wait? I want what the PC users get free, and I want it now.

  • Dave

    It is crap they get it for free, but I think it's more unfair that we have to wait so freaking long to get it, here it's the 6th and still not available, I think THAT is the unfair part, at least right now

  • Keith

    Valve has already released free content, with the Survival Add-On for L4D. They made that free, because it was something they originally wanted to incorporate, but due to deadlines, couldn't finish it on time. Microsoft was not happy about this, but allowed it anyway. Microsoft is basically forcing them to charge for DLC, even though Valve would rather give it away for free. This is why on the Xbox, it is only 560 points (which averages out to a little more than five dollars), when other games charge at least 800 points for new DLC. I love Valve, and enjoy their games, so I'm happy to suppot them, and will gladly pay for any DLC they have.

    • foxworthy21

      but your not supporting them. Your supporting Microsoft by paying for the DLC. If you wish to support Valve then buy the games off of Steam.

  • Christen

    Microsoft charges for the DLC, not Valve.

  • Jeff

    It's unfair because Microsoft wouldn't allow VALVe to release the DLCs for free on the 360.

    • BAZA

      they could have lowered the price then… if they must earn money, why not 50 Cr ?