I Like it Facebook Status Game: What it means and Your Favorite?

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2010

If you have logged into Facebook recently, you would probably realise that ‘I like it’ messages are starting to flood user’s news feeds. It turns out that this new Facebook status game is similar to the ‘Bra’ game which went viral a while back.

As reported from Inquisitr, female Facebook users have been told to help raise Breast Cancer Awareness, by posting an ‘I like it’ message on their Facebook.

While it may be slightly distracting for male Facebook users, the message actually means the place where women like to leave their handbag when they come home from work. For example, ‘I like it on the Couch’, means that they actually like to leave their handbag on the couch – not what you originally thought.

The game may have been rumbled a little earlier than hoped, but no doubt it has already received the attention it desired in the first place. Let us know your favorite ‘I Like it’ message so far.

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  • Traci

    Look at this list of people talking about breast cancer. It worked.

  • toprobin

    fantastic cause but better ways to raise awareness and engage people. I have just finished explaining a phrase to my children ( son and daughter) who saw it on facebook posted by a good friends mother whose husband has been working away i canada for 6 months. Old enough to get confused… I lost my granmother and 2 aunties to breast cancer so was dissapointed by the organisation who feel that 50% of the poluation who are also very much impacted by the effects of the disease in men should not need to have their awarness increased as well. Especially considering that by law of averages 50% of the contributions towards helping people with BC are also men. if it wasn't for my losses I would feel distant to this cause and pass my genorosity to other good cuses, most likely children charities. Good and lees good things about this campaign. Tell everybody, it matters to all

  • WhyWasteTime

    Why not post something meaningful about Breast Cancer, instead of just flooding newfeeds of your friends with irrelevant phrases? Grow up people. Simply state a fact about Breast Cancer, don't play stupid games that end up meaning nothing.
    I saw it and thought nothing of it and went on my merry way! Shows how meaningful it is!

  • shane

    it's not pathetic…but most people don't go "what is this? is this a foreign language? what does "i like it on the counter" MEAN?!!!?" people generally just don't care..or shrug it off…and they rarely ask…it's done little to help raise breast cancer awareness….it's done a lot less than saying "this is breast cancer awareness month" which is clearly much less ambiguous and a little more classy.

  • kathy

    it's a little wired but it does raise awareness i mean think about how many of you where confused when you saw it? so most ppl ( like myself) Google it and find out wjat is for and then do i them self….oh and and i really dont think anything ( no mater how odd) that is raising awareness for any thing like this is pathetic little boy ….

  • KKM

    The bra color I could understand being used to raise awareness of breast cancer.. but where you put your purse? Doesn't relate at all.

  • JmP

    It's to raise awareness of Breast Cancer. Hardly pathetic!

  • Mark Joust

    Grow up little girls. Pathetic.