HP webOS Phones: New smartphones for 2011

By Peter Chubb - Oct 6, 2010

HP has announced that they are to introduce a range of new webOS based smartphones in 2011, their first launch of a phone since the Palm buyout. It looks as though we will not have long to wait, as these new devices should be released in the early part of next year.

On a number of occasions webOS has been considered one of if not the best mobile OS on the market – we just hope that this is still the case now that Hewlett Packard has taken over Palm.

There is not much more to go on from this Reuters report on Yahoo News. Looking back at the Palm Pre and Pixi, both handsets had their good and bad points, but the webOS was for the most part never one of those faults.

It would certainly be nice for webOS to make another appearance, it is not as if there is not enough space in the market. We do not know if these new handsets will be built by HP themselves, or if they will just supply the mobile OS as Google does with Android and Microsoft will with Windows Phone 7?

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