Greenpois0n: Please Take Time Chronic Dev Team

By Peter Chubb - Oct 6, 2010

The Chronic Dev Team are working round their 9-to-5 jobs trying to get the Greenpois0n Jailbreak for iOS 4.1 released before their self-imposed deadline, and it is no secret you would like to get your hands on it. However, there are just a few who hopes that the Dev team would take their time with the iPhone 4 jailbreak.

Do not think that I have gone mad; I just believe that some of you waiting for Greenpois0n would not want things rushed. How disappointed would you feel if the jailbreak was released, only to find that it was riddled with problems?

So yes, the rumored imminent release date sounds great, but let us take a step back and let the team get things running smoothly.

I do wonder if the guys working on Greenpois0n read all these comments? They must do, and all those negative ones must make them wonder for what reason they are doing it for?

Would you rather Greenpois0n rushed, or working correctly?

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  • michael

    always grateful of the work put into the jailbreaks. recently purchased an iphone 4 and hating life on version 4.1. please take your time as i would hate to be having issues with this new hardware!

  • guest

    keep it up dev team

  • Chicharito

    It would be tight if we could go to the future on a time machine to tomorrow at 10:05am … 😉

    • bleek

      why that time specifically?

  • GoChronicDevTeam

    Stop harping on them, I want my iPhone 4 JB'ed but when someone is doing it for free it'
    is like open source development, no one ever complains to the mozilla foundation to hurry up and release an unstable browser.

  • jessersu

    I would rather it work correctly! these guys do this for free. people..don't takethese guys for granite..they could stop making these jailbreaks anytime.they do cool things for us and could charge us and people are whining about the release date, just shut up and let them work on it.