GreenPois0n iPhone 4.1 Jailbreak: Hacktivate After Download

By Alan Ng - Oct 6, 2010

While we still wait for Chronic Dev-Team to release GreenPois0n for iOS 4.1 devices, one of the members of the team has confirmed that the tool will support Hacktivation after it’s released.

If you head over to the Twitter account of Chronic Dev-Team member p0sixninja, you will see this tweet that confirms hacktivation. For those of you who are unaware, hacktivation is the process that bypasses Apple’s official procedure of activating before you can use it. Once a device is hacktivated, it will then allow you to use it without an official SIM card.

This little trick will come in very handy with the release of GreenPois0n, as previous methods were often a lot of hassle when using tools such as Spirit and JailbreakMe.

The only disappointing thing is that the tool is still not out, despite the members of the jailbreaking community suggesting it would be out in ‘days’.

Do you plan to hacktivate your iPhone 4 after using GreenPois0n? We’ll be sure to let you know if there are any further updates on this.

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  • Rizlas

    What timezone is it at 10:10am – GMT, EST ..??

  • kyuluk

    OK, im sure as all of you have been constantly looking to find a release date, they finally announced it as is more than likely on this site.
    A solid concrete date finally set…
    10/10/10 at 10:10:10am
    So, this sunday at 10.10am

  • Dirtnap

    You guys who update your iphones at all before a confirmed jailbreak release are just morons lol… updating your phones and then bitching because you "can't use it" is blaming someone else for your own stupidity. I never allow my iphone to be updated without a confirmed jailbreak, and I ALWAYS make an extra backup IPSW to get my jailbreak back in case anything goes wrong. Just get 4.0.1 jailbroken, wait it out, and STFU…

  • Lui

    CAN’t FN WAIT GOOD WERE GEEKS great job guys your the best their is.

  • qimaydog

    they never told us that the iphone 3gs was supported they got me waiting and pyshced for a month jsut to get shafted screw the dev team, they can all go to hell

  • Steve

    Im so excited 🙂

  • Npro

    First off I don’t work for apple that would be lame second I am on everyones side the dev teams for comming up with it for free and your side for waiting forever I am more pissed of the false hope of it being released in days don’t tell us that unless your 100% sure!!!! Say it will be released soon… And while the dev team gets paid nothing these bs news boards get All the money by leading us on.. I think if they write about it here than they should give the dev 75% of the profit from this page… And maybe that’ll speed things up..: 2nd I take back k the above ending statement I know u guys are doing ur best but relize there are slot of us waiting.. And false hope are ignorant exspecially if u expect a donation from us I would donate 100 usd just for an exact date/ week would even be good enough.. I hope u guys get the bugs worked asap…

  • Mark

    I too am desperate for the jailbreak as it will be 7 weeks this Friday since i could use my phone due to the last update rendering it useless 🙁

    I know that there is nothing any of us can do other than wait but i'm hoping that it is released soon.

  • i have updated my iphone 3gs with ios 4.1 , cant i downgrade it while the jailbreak is realeased…??

  • Roger

    Man I’ve been checking like 20 times aday too see if it’s been released and nothing! Anyway the more I think about it and the more I start to think It’s not been broken or the dev team has encountered a problem.

    • bugamuga

      maybe consider getting a life buddy.

  • Jamie

    Fuck me I've bin waiting ova a week now!!! How much longer??? I bet it still won't be out this weekend..

  • david

    where is the best site to check updates on the release of greenpois0n?

  • Npro

    Here we are again another website that says greenposion released and yet no confirmation only that I looked on twitter and it hacktivates the iPhone.. Wow I’m sure that’s what we all wanted to know… You fuck heads there are like 300+ articles out there with this same info it’s hard to believe u get paid from the adds here oh yeah that’s right u get us all here by saying greenposion release.. Yet only reiterate what we already know.. All we want know is when!!!! When will this jailbreak be out. The more the wait goes on the more I don’t believe it.. Who would spend this much of there time to release something free… Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if apple was behind this to get every one to update to 4.1 and wait so there fucked cause that’s what most of us are right now and have been and those of us that haven’t are upset cause were missing out on some cool apps that require 4.1 or higher. So please quit fucking with us and just give us a god damn concrete answer it will be out this week or the first 1/4 of next month not it’ll be ready in days and it’s been a month.. This becoming more and more frustrating and the only people benefiting from this are the ones who write these dumb fucking articles to get our hopes up. So if the dev team is so close then why haven’t they released a download link??? Yeah it may be a little buggy but what jailbreak isn’t. With a big caption use at your own risk!! Then we can decide if it’s good or not or let them know what kinda of problems were having so that they can troubleshoot easier. It’s my conclusion that this is a hoax and will never be released so if your on 4.1 your fucked thank for the false hopes were anticipating this release and the dev team is fucking each other in the ass while laughing at us…

    • JB Defender

      Unbelievable!! What a total loser! It's too bad that the dev teams that do the work on these Jailbreaks can't figure out who the morons like you are, and build into the jailbreak something that bricks your phone from working on any carrier. If you had to go to them face to face to request the JB, with your attitude, do you honestly think you would EVER be using a JB iPhone? Maybe they could set it so that all you could access with your phone would be the "Looney Tunes" cartoons, cause all you are is a spoiled little brat that expects something for nothing and cries like a little baby! Geeze, grow up! You likely are from Apple trying to tick off the dev team so they won't release it until later. Get real!

  • Mike

    I think it's BS too. Every few days its an update saying it's going to be a few days. I think it would have been better to just give a fair assesment of a 'go live' date and leave it at that.

  • Roy

    Come on DEV team. Its been over a week and you guys said in days not weeks it will come out. 🙁

  • Dnyce

    Can’t wait

  • Andrew

    And who moderates their message boards anymore? This isn’t 1996!And posting them too quickly?????WTF

  • Stevy

    so pumped!! 😀 can’t wait for the greenpois0n release! been checking for updates every half hour!

  • I need this so bad updated via itunes now cant restore to early version!!

  • steve

    More of the BULLSHIT. Hey, have not seen Apple and AT&T logos on your ad page. Tomorrow maybe?

  • Solidsnake

    All I see is Re – tweet Download Greenpoison for 4.1 (Soon) Im starting to believe there aint a Jailbreak yet but they are working on it and it will be released sometime this year not Days/Week

  • Andrew

    Im starting to think the exploit is a hoax……

  • jesse elrom

    will it cost money or is it free??????

    • Baggyrock

      It's free, but these guys do take donations through Paypay. Hey they are doing us a big favor so it wouldnt harm to buy them a drink.

  • njhgh

    You guys are doing well, please release soon!

  • simone

    Can't wait!!!!

  • Showout

    "without an official SIM"

    meaning with any provider you choose… the real question is will it come out THIS YEAR!?

    • Animasian

      It does not mean any provider you choose… means that you simply don't have to use a sim card to initially activate the phone through iTunes. It's just an alternative to purchasing a $2 universal sim for activation purposes.


    GREAT JOB DEV_TEAM!! keep-up the good work!

    Do not listen to the haters who are complaining you are doing all of us a favor.

    So thank you very much, we are all waiting anxiously for news.

    can not wait to hacktivatejailbreakunlock my iPhone 3Gs iOS 4.1

    • Andy

      YEAAAHHH amazing job im waiting patiently better late then never however id be happier if it were earlier 😉

  • Chinky

    So really it’s kinda like an unlock tool? But ul still have to use the same network? :s

    • Insomniac

      its not an unlock too, its an activation tool, Apple requires your device to be activated with the provider prior to use, you will only be allowed to be at the locked screen if you have an unofficial provider/no sim. This tool lets you go to the home screen (and then download apps from cydia and everything without an official provider) this is useful for people who don't have the provider but can now go download ultrasnow or whatever and be able to use the phone

      • david

        pretty much you can use an iphone as an ipod touch until you unlock the phone

  • yes only a mattter of days 🙂