Google TV: Sony Controller like no other

By Peter Chubb - Oct 6, 2010

Google TV is not in need of any more publicity, but last nights ABC’s Nightline segment on the device has certainly opened our eyes to the remote used to control it. The Sony controller that will come with Sony’s Google TV device is like nothing we have even seen – well apart from an old Atari Jaguar gamepad, that’s what Devindra Hardawar from Venture Beat believes.

You can clearly see by the images and video onEngadget that the controller comes with two directional pads and a full QWERTY keyboard – making searching much easier than it is on Apple TV.

Hardawar is right to point out that the device for the most part is very functional, but when it comes to being user-friendly it is lacking. LG also has a control for their Google TV device, but they have gone the other way and kept things too simple.

I am certain that in time there will be a host of Android apps that will do the job of the controller, this for me will be the better solution – as long as you have an Android handset that is.

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