FarmVille Haunted House Coming to Facebook – Details

By Jamie Pert - Oct 6, 2010

Farmville has recently revealed that they will be launching a new game pretty soon, this will be called FarmVille Haunted House, and is obviously on its way as Halloween is just a few weeks away.

FarmVille’s developers are currently working on the Facebook game, some Facebook users had access to the game last night, however it was then deactivated so that some bugs could be patched.

From what we can see FarmVille Haunted House will launch later today (if all goes to plan), full details are scarce, however we can confirm that the haunted house has three different levels/stages.

The house takes up a footprint of 3.5 x 2, for a Level 1 (Eerie) haunted house you need 8 bricks, nails and boards. Level 2 (Frightening) requires 10 bricks, nails and boards and Level 3 (Spine-Chilling) requires 12 bricks nails and boards. Once you have a haunted house you can begin collecting candy.

Source: TheNewsOfToday

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  • doro

    check the market place in buildings that's where i finally got one

  • jube

    I still do not have mine ! all my friends have one !

  • arlene

    I have noticed most of my farmville friends have theirs but Ive yet to get it 🙁