BlackBerry Playbook: Enterprise, Health Care and Consumer – iPad who?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 6, 2010

The BlackBerry PlayBook was announced last week, and for the most part the tablet will be aimed at the business market. However, we did note that RIM would also be aiming for the consumer market. We have since learned that Research In Motion is to offer the PlayBook to the health care field as well.

The idea that RIM’s new device will be competing with the Apple iPad certainly seems a strange one – yes the iPad is a great product, but it seems as if the BlackBerry has all the bases covered.

What makes it possible for use in the health care industry is the new Enterprise Application Development Middleware from BlackBerry. Within this is a File Transfer Library application, making it possible for doctors to assign an image to a patients’ EMR.

The details on this certainly sounds like it could become a great asset to a doctor, making it much easier for him to carry patients files instead of all the usual paperwork. For more details on how this will work visit eWeek.

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  • The PlayBook definitely looks like a device I can see being used by doctors to store and record patients information. It's compact size and specs capable of accommodating some of today's power demanding applications puts in a better competitive advantage as opposed to the iPad.