AT&T BlackBerry Torch 9800: Download Firmware Update v6.0.0.695

By Jamie Pert - Oct 6, 2010

If you haven’t been completely satisfied with the BlackBerry Torch 9800‘s software we have some good news for you, RIM has been working on an updated version of BlackBerry 6 and it is now available for download.

The update will bring your Torch to software version (v6.0.0.695), from what we can see the list of improvements is seemingly never-ending, meaning it is well worth installing.

Once installed you should notice faster page loading when using the browser, also panning in the browser should be a lot smoother. Other improvements are said to include increased responsiveness after unlocking the handset, faster app launching, exiting and switching, improved audio quality, faster thumbnail rendering and much more.

The list goes on, if you would like to find out more check out Engadet’s article which features a full breakdown of the vast improvements.

The update will be rolled out over the next week and a half, however if you cannot wait check out the AT&T website or the RIM website to download it, it is just over 160MB in size.

Have you installed firmware version v6.0.0.695 on your BlackBerry Torch 9800? If so, are the changes as good as they sound?

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  • Adil

    is it possible for this update to work on a torch 9800 on the Bell Canada network?

  • Rod

    Fix the Lock Key system so it doesn't keep unlocking in my pocket and provide an option to allow the backlight to stay on when plugged into USB power while driving in the car.

    • Nick


      The single benefits it is the battery live!!!! Excelent!!!
      I did not found any option to keep the backlight to stay on when plugged into USB power

  • Varjohaltia

    I don't see any sort of list of improvements by following the Engadget link?

  • Kim

    I can't wait for my update to finish. It's taking a very long time to restore my data…. I started at 10am and it 's not almost 4:30pm. But then I have a lot of stuff on my BB. 🙂

  • Lynn

    I installed the update on my Torch and it's a definite improvement. Well worth doing!

  • Willtek

    It's True. I have updated to the latest Blackberry Torch Software and have noticed significant performance improvements.