Adobe Fix 32 Security Vulnerabilities in Reader: Sandbox Protection Coming

By Jamie Pert - Oct 6, 2010

Adobe seem to be doing its utmost to increase their reputation in terms of security, now an update for Adobe Reader has been released which patches 23 security vulnerabilities.

Last month Adobe promised to speed up security patches, and it seems as if they are sticking to their promise as they had originally planned to release this patch next week, but brought it forward due to hackers exploiting a bug in Acrobat’s font parsing.

Most of the bugs could lead to code execution, which means they were not particularly high threats, however one particular vulnerabilities could allow hackers to rig PDFs attached to emails.

Adobe has also hinted at plans of sandboxing the Windows version of Adobe Reader sometime this year, Adobe would call this protected mode, which should increase the software’s security massively.

Most computers should automatically download the update and notify you that it is ready for installation, if not check out this link for the full download.

Source: ComputerWorld

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