White iPhone 4 Pointless: Wait for iPhone 5

By Peter Chubb - Oct 5, 2010

We do not know what Apple is playing at, but the non-release of the White iPhone 4 has certainly been a shambles. Steve Jobs has promised that the handset will be released by Christmas, but why would you want a phone that will be six months old by then?

I am not certain that I would pay the price for a device that has been on the market for half a year – well all except for a color change. If I were one of those who had waited for the handset I think I would wait the other six months for the iPhone 5 – if I stick with Apple that is.

This is certainly a worry for Apple, and if they are unable to deliver on their promise of the white iPhone 4 by Christmas, then there is a lot of explaining to do. A 6-month delay on a device that only requires a color change seems unheard of; other handsets get their white versions just a month or two after the release of the standard black model – what’s so different about Apple?

I personally believe that there will be a lack of interest in a white iPhone 4 come December, shoppers will be more concerned about other things and not a handset that has had its issues from the start.

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  • Rozy

    VERY,VERY DISAPPOINTED. Thanks for NOTHING Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nat

    hey i'm having problems with EVERY SINGLE IPHONE I HAD – the 3G, 3GS and now 4. Unlucky? Can't be THAT unlucky right?! And for your info i got them all from the Apple online store. Great service bad products. I'm using my Galaxy S more often than that miserable but oh-so-beautiful iphone 4.

    And i live in Singapore. Why the hell do i get drop calls in a city state so small the signals practically overlaps?! And my apps crashed too. Yes, even the iPod app. Yet i still hold out the promise that something's gonna change. Went and queued 8 straight hours to be the first to own an iphone 4. And the first thing that happened? Someone called and the line dropped mid-sentence! Damn Apple.

  • alice

    all the people that say buttons are falling off and things is probably down to you not looking after it.
    i'm trying to wait for the white one and i do agree defiantly that it's taken ridiculously long to come out. i've thought about giving in but i would be mad at myself if i did.

  • Jason

    I wanted a white iphone 4 but now I am considering moving to android if another phone comes out with the front facing camera from AT&T. I think apple needs to start planning more than 1 release of an iPhone per year to really compete with the new android phones because there are many areas they excel in compared to the iPhone.

  • mani sahni

    i need to buy i phone 4

  • Peter Chubb

    I said that it would be six months by Christmas, the rumored time the White iPhone 4 is due for release. Thanks Pete

  • Alice

    > We are half way to the iPhone 5

    The iPhone 4 did *NOT* come out 6 months ago. This is barely October.

  • solar

    I am only buying a white iPhone 4 before Christmas if the price is reduced or if more storage is added at the current price. If there are no new features then there will be no sale!

    We are half way to the iPhone 5 and when it comes out next year I will grab the first colour available – if there is no white at launch I will buy black and a white case.

    Apple have proven to be unreliable this time, they did not deliver on their promise for a white phone and it was a flawed design from the get-go. Fortunately for Apple, the iPhone 4 is still in high demand because they *cunningly* do not manufacture enough to meet demand, thereby creating the higher perceived popularity and ongoing sales for what is essentially an overpriced product.

  • Greg

    Apple products are not ''top notch', they're riddled with bad engineering. A $700 mobile phone (in my market) that has issues making telephone calls? It's simply criminal. In response to ''MAT'', your right, I cant find another product out there that's comparable because all other products are better, cheaper AND they work.

    I own two iphones and both have problems, with buttons falling off after 12 months use and my other iphone restarts itself when the battery level reaches to 36%. I also owned an ipod which broke at the start of a long journey (apparently turning it on made it break).

    My Macbook pro is faulty and gives minor electric shots, so i had to purchase a new mains adapter but it's still doing it. When i plug it into a power point on a train or airplane, i can feel the eletcrical currents from the laptop moving through the metal of the plane/train.

    People only buy apple products because they are shiny and look nice. If every apple fanboy had to wait 3 years between product updates, they wouldn't bother with Apple. An old iphone looks immediately rubbish as soon as a new iphone is released because it IS rubbish.

    • Mil

      Really? Sounds like you're just a very unlucky person with gadgets.

      I have an iPhone4 and I haven't had a single problem – not even a crash. I had an iPhone 3G for nearly 2 years before – again, not a problem – it only crashed once with some random app.

      My flatmate has an Apple Macbook of 2 years old, an Airport Wireless Extreme, Mac Mini and an Apple TV – again, no problems. From the 20 or so medium-close friends I have, 15 of them have iPhones…the rest are waiting for their contracts to finish – again, no problems…only one girl had issues with the screen flickering after she dropped it on a drunken night out.

      I don't know where you get your Apple products from, or what dark cloud is hovering over your head but dude…you're on your own.

    • chubbynutz

      sorry im just totally bemused by this post. let me see this guy has 2 iphones an ipod and a mackbook????? why would you by apple products then if you think there that bad?????????????? i know you obviously have problems but my advise is buy another product and see how that works

  • Lloydie

    I have never owned ANY Apple product before. This is my first time owning the iPhone 4… White is nice but I don't care because my leather case covers it. No antenna problems here since day one and AT&T helps me and my family save bundle with rollover minutes for 4 lines under $160. No I don't work for apple or AT&T. What is an Apple fanboy?

  • maz

    I've been due an upgrade for 3 months now… but have held out for the white one…. i'm starting to think it's not worth the wait at all! i am still on the original 2g version, complete with dodgy screen, broken ear jack and vibrate button… i can guarantee, the second i relent and get the black one, the white will be available!
    Not only that, but now the bumper/case offer has ended on the black one too, so i will have to purchase if there is a problem with the alleged antenna issue (although of all the people i know, none of them have had a problem)…… Oh what a quandary! i so wanted my new one to match my mac! Sad… but true!

  • MAT

    What?! You guys are crazy. Apple products continue to be top notch. Find another product out there that's comparable… good luck. Just because you had an issue with the phone does make it an overall fiasco… you all need to chill.

  • Richie

    Surely they could have just used the antenna system from the 3GS to prevent the dropping signal issue, they shouldn't need 6 months to fix the minor problems of the iPhone 4.

    I reckon they maybe waiting to see how the new jailbreak works and as it is a hardware vulnerability they may try to close the loop-hole before its release.

  • david

    they mightve fixed the antenna issue and fixing that see thru issue with the light

  • Kaz

    To the point and quite frustrating it seems………Apple standards are dropping by the year…..They seem to be getting worse and worse by the year….I still remember back in 2002 when Apple stuff had great quality control and each box you open had perfect goods whereas now it seems they are packing refurbish models with non existent quality control and no matter how much they say they have tried to make the white perfect I am sure it would still have a lot of problems from colour to screen to antenna…………..just to let u know I luv Apple only when they deliver what they say and when I am lucky enough to get the perfect product in terms of everything working on a new handset with minimum problems.