Volkswagens New 2012 Beetle Spotted

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 5, 2010

Pictures have been taken of Volkswagen’s New Beetle whilst it was out testing. The spy shots from autoblog show that although the new model keeps the famous Beetle shape, it has an altogether sportier look.

With what seems to be a lower roof line the VW looks to be wider with flared wheel arches, in fact the new Beetle looks more purposeful with its lower stance and beefed up bodywork. Though the restyling will never have the same impact as when the Beetle was first reintroduced back in 1998, Volkswagen has obviously felt that it was time for some modernisation.

With the likes of BMW’s Mini and Fiat’s 500, Volkswagen really had to keep the classic lines of the car whilst still providing the safety, comfort and driver involvement that buyers now demand. Seeing as the car has been caught out testing we think it can be safe to say that it is very near to production ready. And if rumours are correct we could see the unveiling at the Los Angeles show.

As with the out-going model the new Beetle will run on a Golf platform, for the 2012 it will be the Golf VI. So expect to see 2.5-litre petrol and 2.0 TDI units installed, there has also been talk of a more powerful powerplant. Does this mean that we will see performance to match the sportier looks? Head over to eurocarblog for the spy shots.

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  • Ervin Raab

    I believe a lot of these modern economy cars have to lose a lot of dead-weight even to brake even on the 2016 EPA requirements.

    Ervin Raab