Toshiba 3D No Glasses: Video shows how it works

By Alan Ng - Oct 5, 2010

Following on from our earlier report which gave you further details on Toshiba’s upcoming glasses-free 3D TV models, we now have a video for you to take a look at, letting you see the models up close.

As reported from PostChronicle, the Toshiba REGZA GL1 will be available in two sizes, a 20-inch model and a smaller 12-inch model. Both are expected to be available in Japan at the end of the year, and both sets won’t require the user to wear glasses to view 3D content.

The video shown below doesn’t actually let us see how the glasses-free 3D effect works in detail, but we do learn that both TV’s will be equipped with a thin sheet of lenses which serve as the primary function for the 3D effect without glasses. The best part of the video is at 0.36, where it does give you an idea on how the new tech will work – pretty impressive.

The video also confirms that Toshiba are working on a glasses-free 3D laptop, and a huge 56-inch 3D TV too. Both are a long way from release yet though.

Are you impressed with Toshiba’s glasses-free tech? Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.

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  • Mike Fraser

    Correct me please. But I believe that I am right in saying that you cannot watch 2D on these non glasses 3D tv sets. Which means that one will have to own two sets in a room. one to watch 2D and one to watch 3D without glasses.

    • Smarty

      You are wrong… 2D is perfectly watchable on these TVs