Toshiba 3D No Glasses (REGZA GL1): Price and Official Photos

By Alan Ng - Oct 5, 2010

Following on from our earlier post which showed you some footage of the recently unveiled Toshiba REGZA G1 3D TV, we now have some information on pricing as well as some official photos for you to take a look at.

As reported from Engadget, Toshiba is taking a dive into the unknown with one of the first mainstream 3D TV sets without the need to use a pair of 3D eyewear.

The disappointing news is that the first two models available will only be on sale in Japan at the end of the year, with Toshiba unwilling to give any indication, if any, that they are due out in the US and Europe. Since they are only releasing a 12-inch and 20-inch model first, Toshiba did mention that their models would need to be larger to attract the Western audience.

As for Japanese pricing, the 12-inch model is going to be available for ¥120,000, which works out around $1,443 USD. For the larger 20-inch model, Japanese consumers will need to pay a whopping ¥240,000 ($2,885).

What are your thoughts on these prices? You can check out some official product photos of the two models over at Engadget – we’ve included a few below for starters.

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  • Looks tremendous and expect it to be phenomenally expensive at first but price should come down as it becomes more common. Main thing for me is the matchability between tablet and tv and what that will allow.Resolution indicates 20″ screen only one worth going for basis first impressions. still very happy with my Playbook and looking forward to  release Torch 9810 in Australia.