Samsung Galaxy Tab UK Price: iPad wins first round

By Peter Chubb - Oct 5, 2010

When we first reported that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be released on November 1st for the UK, we had no idea how much the price would be. However, we now have the pricing details, and it does not look good for those who were hoping for a bargain.

Paul Lamkin from Pocket-lint explains that the price you pay will be £599.99 without contract, for just £70 less you can get a 16GB 3G iPad – looks like Apple wins this round. Let us not forget that the Tab also comes with a built-in phone – something that the iPad does not.

OK, so the Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with a few added features, but are these worth the higher than expected price? Just remember for those who will want to sign-up to a contract will be able to get themselves a deal with each network – expect some great deals to be had there then.

None of us here can understand why Samsung went with a high price, we would have thought that they would have wanted to undercut the iPad, as this will be their only competition for a while.

Do you think that Samsung has made a huge mistake with the higher than expected price tag of the Galaxy Tab?

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  • James

    There sure are alot of stupid people on the internet. First of all it does more then the iPad so why shouldn't it cost more? Next, the 599 pounds in the UK will not equate to 950 dollars in the US. It will be 599 dollars without a contract. Still worth that amount. Also, most people will be buying this with a contract from their carrirer and will only be paying 199 – 249 upfront. Last but not least the the WiFi only version will cost much less. Most likely 349 to 399 dollars.

    Stop with all the stupid panic and use your damn brains.

  • Ural

    If you have used both you would understand. Galaxy tab is a smoother product than Apple’s ipad. Its lighter, brighter, faster, awesome touch controls. Simply put nicely designed like most Sanding products when it comes to hardware.

    Having said that, would I recommend it, if it was any other manufacturer but Samsung yes! But its Samsung and having three Samsung mobile units in hand my answer is NO. Actually I’d recommend no one purchase one, cause if you ever get Gingerbread, it will most likely be incomplete and buggy like the Galaxy S gps issues, if you are with T Mobile you wul most likely never get out be last if you ever do. Samsung Moment has a half baked Eclair (no live papers and other nice features).

    Samsung’s customer support is awful and it s software engineering is sub par. Based on this fact alone the Tab should be value at half an I pad.

  • sukimin

    hmm…i think that Samsung has made a huge mistake with the higher than Ipad 3GS. Sorry Samsung you cannot kill Apple Ipad yet :-p