Orange / T-Mobile UK Merger Complete: Have You Noticed Improvements?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 5, 2010

Orange and T-Mobile customers in the UK should begin noticing improvements in connectivity from today, this is because a merger is now complete which allows subscribers to roam on both networks for free.

As long as you are either an Orange UK or T-Mobile UK customer you will be able to reep the benefits from both network infrastructures, this should give users much better coverage across the UK.

In some areas local to me there are a lot of Orange UK coverage problems, therefore frustrated customers should be able to hop onto T-Mobile’s network automatically and now have great connectivity without having to search endlessly for one bar of signal.

We would love to hear if you have noticed the changes, therefore feel free to let us know if you have had better reception since the merger.

Source: Engadget

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  • Les

    Hi Simon & Andy,

    T-Mobile haven't decommissioned any cell sites as part of the joint network venture as of yet. If rebooting your handset or manual network selection hasn't made any difference, maybe worth calling Customer Services to see if theres an issue in your area's. As for Virgin using the new network roaming agreement, thats starts at some point in January and you'll receive an update direct from Virgin Mobile closer to the time.

    Hope this helps,

    Les :o)

  • Andy

    Previously I had a good strength signal with T-mobile but for the last 2 days it's dropped down to next to nothing or SOS showing on the phone. If I'm lucky I get connection with one bar or 2 max and always just "gprs" in small letters (not caps). Seems like they abandoned T-mobile transmitter mask in favour of Orange one……

  • Simon Smith

    I am with Virgin, which uses T Mobiles system. I have noticed a drastic reduction in service, to the point that I have gone from full signal strength at home to none at all! Presumably Virgin customers have lost out as where there was Orange and T Mobile on the local mast, there now seems only to be Orange.

  • Salladin

    I have some mixed feelings about this. I like Orange for their tariff plans but at the same time can't stand T-Mobile. Suppose this can be good when speaking in terms of signal and network but for the new tariffs i'd look for a cheaper alternatives. I've done a little search and there's a fantastic site – With it you can easily compare one plan to another and find the one that suits you the most

  • Pete

    Orange signal much better for me at home, no (as was stated) so looks good as Tmobile have huge blackspots on my train journey.

  • CR

    Havn’t notice any improvement with my signal at all in my area. Still the same though I’ve opt in to getting both signals.

  • cdneh84

    I signed up to the roaming agreement this evening when I finished work (I have an HTC Desire on T-Mobile) Living in Edinburgh I've always found that T-Mobile have had brilliant signal wherever I've been, however with any mobile phone network – regardless of where you live – you do get the occasional blackspot. My flatmate is on Orange and we used to take the mickey out of each other whenever one had signal and the other didn't, meaning I know where I will now have better service!

    One of those places is my work where T-Mobile service is fine in certain areas but not others. As soon as I was finishing up I noticed that my phone had full service throughout as I received two texts whilst in an area of the building I know I don't get service. Glad that this has happened and can only look forward to the rest of the changes!

  • Peter MacCabe

    I've activated this roaming facility on my Nokia N900 which is on T-Mobile. Yes there is an improvement in my service in several ways. Firstly the signal strength has improved where I live from a 3 bar to a 5 bar signal. This has been maintained in areas in Nottingham where T-Mobile wasn't so hot-so far I would estimate there has been a 20% improvement in the Network quality. The other very welcome benefit has been an increase in battery life. I made a 45 minute call earlier today and the battery indicator showed about 90% capacity after it-battery life isn't the strong point of my Nokia N900. So this is in my opinion a most welcome development. Sadly at present is it restricted to 2G so most Smartphone apps won't really benefit in that respect but for regular GSM, the benefits are most welcome. 3G will come along and apparently Three will be onboard though I think this will happen in 2011. So very good so far with better to come.