Nokia’s MeeGo Chief Resigns: Won’t Affect the OS

By Jamie Pert - Oct 5, 2010

It seems as if Nokia’s Meego camp may not be a completely happy one, this is evident becuase the VP who was in charge of Nokia’s MeeGo Devices (Talous Sanomat) has recently resigned.

Nokia claim that this resignation will not affect MeeGo’s rollout schedule, apparently they will apparently be revealing an update on MeeGo before the end of the year.

It will be interesting to see what this update will consist of, perhaps we will get more solid release date details and/or more compliant devices confirmed.

A reason for Talous Sanomat’s resignation has not been given, however it doesn’t bode well for the upcoming OS as if Sanomat was that proud of MeeGo and thought it could be a serious competitor to Android/iOS surely he would have stayed with Nokia.

It could turn out that Sanomat resigned for personal reasons, therefore don’t worry about MeeGo’s future just yet.

Source: Engagdet

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