Microsoft Slate by Christmas: Cloud computing more important

By Peter Chubb - Oct 5, 2010

It seems as though Steve Ballmer is copying Steve Jobs when he said that the “White iPhone would be with us by Christmas,” by saying that there will be a Microsoft Slate by Christmas. We had hoped to offer you more details, but the CEO did not add any more to his statement.

Looking at what he said, it does look as though there will be more than one device, but we do not have any specific details or what size these tablet devices will be. Lets face it, Microsoft needs to do something soon, as they might dig themselves a hole that they are unable to climb out of with their absence from the mobile market.

According to Jennifer Valentino-DeVries from WSJ Blog, things have not been going well for Microsoft in the mobile market, especially with the failure of the two Kin handsets. The moment that I saw these devices I knew that they had made a huge mistake.

Ballmer also spoke about cloud computing, and by what he was saying it looks as though this is more important to him at this time.

The Redmond Pie Company has two more chances to gain back some reputation; those are the successful launch of their slate devices and the Windows Phone 7 handsets. Do you think that Microsoft will be able to make a success of these two platforms?

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