Medal of Honor Beta: Are The Servers Down For You?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 5, 2010

Yesterday the official open beta for the PC version of Medal of Honor launched, obviously this is great news for PC gamers and they were eager to get online, however there seems to be problems with the servers.

Obviously as it is a beta there are bound to be problems, however we have received a huge response regarding server connection problems, which is quite worrying given the official release date is just a week away.

If you check out this thread on the EA forums you will see that the problem seems to be pretty wide-spread, therefore we would appreciate your feedback on the matter. We have set up a simple poll below, however we would like people to also elaborate in the comments section.
[poll id=”252″]

If you are experiencing problems please use the comments section to let us know exactly what country/city you are in and what internet provider you are with, this may help us narrow down the problem.

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  • Agisstr

    same problem here…..i checked all the times of the day…not signed in wtf is going on?

  • Mossad__

    Only 840 are allowed on Team Assault, anymore than 840 it says you cant get in.

  • DeltaRogers

    On PS3 on the east coast of US. Same problems. WTF EA. BFBC2 Was awesome, and was expctin the same here. Good game but serious issues already.

  • 3ndl35

    at first worked for 2-3 times, but frome then on and is bein 3 months frome then, all servers ar down mesage come-s up…

  • karen

    can't connect or find any server…am from singapore.. this is shitty! –Karen
    GT: Wonder Woman

  • Guns

    Couldn't contact the login servers for the duration of the beta, guessing this stress test was needed! England – Virgin media XL package

  • 5gt.Bilko

    Downloaded last night to have a look before I buy.
    Servers down…Servers down again this morning.
    Don,t think I'll bother buying it.
    It doesn't look good that servers are down just days before release.
    How many more problems are waiting for us once they go "live"?

  • svw

    cant connect for 2 days now.
    Eindhoven, the netherlands, UPC internet.
    My internet connection is getting the server list up, but than the EA servers let me down, cant connect.

  • frankie

    just keeps failing saying cant connect to ea servers atm u NVR CAN U FAIL TARD

  • Frank

    Just installed it, Tried to connect a couple of time in the last 30 min. without success.

    Live in Den Haag, The Netherlands Internet provider is KPN.

    Wast of time until now.

  • EA devs mom's lover

    Piece of crap wanna be game. Can't even connect. Enable single player beta you POS. Black Ops will kick your asses.

  • bill

    same, waste of time downloading this…'ea server is down' ALL the time…

  • Kris

    Been trying to get on the site since beta lauch and all I get is Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. I am in the UK and broadband connection through Post Office. No other problems with internet or online gaming. What the hell is going on. I was looking forward to purchasing the game but if I can't even get on the site to play the better then I think I'll save my money as what else is going to be wrong?????

    • frank

      The site work now. 😉 But I agree It's all a bit lame…..

  • Dextina

    To add to earlier comment…I bought an 11 hundred dollar laptop to play these two games. Medal of Honor and Black Ops. They better not let me down.

  • Dextina

    Same here…thought it had to do with my horrible internet connection speed with Tramp Mobile. But I was able to get in for about 5 seconds and then BAM servers down message, what the heck they still haven't fixed it? They should have had a key for pre-orderers, I'm almost sad I will recieve the game on the 12th. What was the point in pre-ordering? Great job EA!!! Well done!!! NOT!

  • Beerborn

    When I first started I had the NVIDIA stereoscopic 3D on. Looked OK for awhile but had to turn it off cause the 3D glasses started to annoy me. Then I couldn't even join a game any more when it couldn't find a server working.

  • james

    keep on getting server not available.

  • Strider

    i was having a problem where i could login in but when i went to the server browser it wouldnt ever show any servers but when i went to matchmaking it said no one was playing… i pushed connect anyway and it found a server and connected me without a problem and i had low ping too so if your trying to use the server browser try matchmaking instead!

  • Lord Facon

    I've got the same problem . And also i see strange ( only on mountain map) colors in game . I cant shoot at people because i cant see them ( because of the flashing colors)…

  • Dafriz

    i can login and bring up the server list but as soon as i push join game… it doesnt join the game…

    im confused bcuz 2 friends were playing in michigan and were able to connect but i'm unable to connect and im in south dakota

  • Johan

    Location: Hong Kong
    ISP: PCCW / Netvigator 30mb

    Same shit as with the bad company 2 for PC, can't they just learn for once to make something that WORKS! how fucking hard can it be? It's rapidly becoming an EA signature to launch games that you can't really play or enjoy until patch 2-3 has been released to get it sorted.

  • Cold

    Cant even login to the EA servers at all!

    • Anteh

      Same here.

    • CuriousSam

      me neither, and 2 of my friends have same connection, in same city, about the same setups… and they can!

    • izzroy

      same here XD