iMovicha: FaceTime for Android, Symbian, Windows 7 and Mac OS X

By Peter Chubb - Oct 5, 2010

Video calling has been available for a while now, but were never that great; that is until Apple launched FaceTime for iPhone 4 users. Those with the fourth-generation iPhone have been talking away on their handsets loving it, but are limited in the way that they can only talk to those who also has the same handset.

However, iMovicha has finally launched its video-chat application that not only works on iOS but Android, BlackBerry, Windows/Windows Mobile and finally OS X. This is the ultimate cross-platform mobile video chat application.

That is not the best part; we all know that FaceTime can only work via a Wi-Fi connection; well iMovicha can do this through 3G as well. This means that you no longer have to be tied to being at home, the office or in a coffee shop somewhere.

We do not have to remind you that those of you with an iPhone 4 will have to jailbreak it. More details on this app can be found by visiting the Movicha website.

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  • Sultan_ali85

    Everyone, please help me how to download imovicha for nokia E63

    • Sultan_ali85

      i am  download imovicha for not running nokia E63

  • Shukura

    u have to type it in as movicha in market place it popped up for me on my droid it should be the only result that pops up

  • Pitasha

    Everyone, please help me how to download imovicha for nokia 97 mini??

  • Venky

    This app does not download on to windows phone nor is it available in marketplace. The only way yo get access the download is to first hand over you email on the sign up process and then they tell you that the download will not work on the new windows phone

    I do not think this reviewer has really downloaded and actually reviewed the app.

    • john

      It downloaded to my windows phone and is running.