GreenPois0n: iPhone 4.1 Unlock vs. Jailbreak

By Alan Ng - Oct 5, 2010

It seems there are some confusion amongst our readers who believe that a GreenPois0n jailbreak on iOS 4.1 will be useless, unless an unlock method becomes available at the same time. We’ll give you a few reasons why both are entirely different.

We previously asked you what you were waiting for more between a jailbreak and unlock, and the results were clearly divided. We’ve been listening to what you have been saying about the imminent release of GreenPois0n, and it looks like most of you are just waiting to jailbreak the device first, rather than pursue an unlocking method.

If you didnt know, jailbreaking the device will then allow you to run apps that are not available on the Apple App Store, using an App store created specifically for jailbroken devices – It’s called Cydia. A jailbroken device will also allow you to run various tweaks and mods, such as theme customization and enabling support for juicy features for free, like internet tethering – which definitely wouldn’t happen on the official iOS software.

The ability to run 3rd-party applications is a good enough reason to jailbreak for most, but others just like the freedom that the method brings, rather than use their iPhone under the strict control of Apple, and let’s face it – they do like to be in control these days.

If you really wanted to, you could just unlock your device straight away by paying to do so, but we’re guessing that most of you are waiting for the iPhone Dev-Team to come up with a free method of unlocking on iOS 4.1 for the iPhone 4. If you are one of these people, then you will have to wait for GreenPois0n to release first.

What will you use the jailbreak for?

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  • nutellament

    hi, i'm a complete newbie and in need of help!

    1) i have an iphone 3GS iOS 4.1

    2) my main concern is unlocking the thing so that I can use another carrier with it (I'm out of the states for a long period of time)

    3) am i supposed to jailbreak the device first (using greenpois0n for mac) or unlock it first? If so, how do I go about the latter?

    thankkk youuuuuuu!!!!!

  • Chase

    Don't rush them i've read that this one ain't as easy to unlock as the others were also I read that they are hoping to have ultrasn0w ready by early november so just be patiant as I am also one of you's that upgraded ios 4.1 and rely on unlocking for iphone so i'm just waiting till they say it's out so quit nagging them and be patiant.

  • Ron

    i am stuck on 05.14.02. can anyone help to unlock on firmware 4.0 3g

  • ezee

    I bought the iphone 4 from UK and upgraded the firmware in India through Itunes.
    A big mistake..
    BB also got updated to 02.10.04 and phone gets locked
    Will greenpois0n help me out. I need to use the phone for talking now…

  • Jack

    you can jailbreak iphone 3g with redsn0w. i did it for myself on ios 4.1 iphone 3g, working well. check dev website!

  • sharon

    I was told greenpois0n WONT jailbreak iphone 3g on ios 4.1 can anyone shed any light on this please

    • Jackky

      yeah greenpois0n does not jailbreak iphone 3g/3gs

  • lee

    i have constantly tried different metods downgrading to a different IOS but still baseband stays same :@ cant wait for the dev team to sort it cause to be fair i have an Ipod Touch and its not even funny 🙁

  • ghar64

    I am confused. will the greenpoison unlock BB 2.x on iPhone 4 ???? If not, wat do we hav to do to unlock it ???? cuz wat's the use of jailbreaking if we can't put the fon for it's ultimate use ????

    • tony

      if you are so much of a rush to get the fone unlocked why not pay the current service providers unlock fee , huh… ?

  • Moneesh

    I am confused. Will the gReenPoision unlock the BB 2.x on iPH 4 ???? If not wat do we hav to do to unlock the fkn BB 2.x ???cuz wat’s the use of jailbreaking if we cannot use the iPH for it’s ultimate use ???? CALLING PEOPLE !!!!!!

    And yes …….guys pls let Dev Team work on the green thing peacefully nd stop bitching around…….

  • Moneesh

    I am confused. will the greenpoison unlock the BB 2.x on iPhone 4 ???? If not wat do we hav to do to unlock it ???? cuz wat's use of jailbreaking if we cannot put our fon for it's ultimate use ????

  • b0bby

    I accidently updated through iTunes on my 3G… Please dont tell me I am screwed.. Atleast tell me i just have to wait til these awesome dudes come out with some type of unlock / jb… PLEASEEEE

  • Knight

    As i sit here and read post there some ungrateful fucking people out there

    If people are working on this for fuck all just wait for it and if its that much of a problem u try and jailbreak ya phone instead of rely’n on some1 else todo it . Especially That he only gets a pat on the back for it

    All the best guys

  • LouSiffer

    Personally I hope they are waiting for all the impatient A$$holeZ to keep checking the greenpois0n website like frantic crack heads so the chronic dev team can point to how much traffic their site is getting BEFORE the release, and then sell some advertising space on thier site to make some $ off of all of their hard work. I wouldn't blame them at all because thats exactly what I'd do.

  • Hanna

    I AM SO CONFUSED! This article is saying that i can unlock my 4.0.2 Iphone ?????
    please someone explain. I thought i have to upgrade first and then wait for this 4.1 unlock and jailbreak???? someone help!!!

  • James


  • mike684

    I just got an Iphone 4 running on 4.1 and cant use it at all. I will wait for the Team to come up with JB and the Unlock. Best of luck to the team and thanks for the hard work!!

  • Mike

    Remember these guys are doing it for free, everytime they read a comment about that they are taking to long! I think it just makes them say let’s go smoke a bowl then work on the jailbreak.when was the last time any of you did something in a hurry for a bunch of ungrateful Jerks!!

    • FelixCited

      Exactly, people need to either go and educate themselves on all the code that needs to be written if they're so damn impatient and do it themselves, OR be grateful and lay off. Seriously, whoTF do these ppl think they are?

      Sit down, shuttup, and wait. We all want it, but bitching aint gonna make it happen faster.

      Id rather a 100% complete finished product, not an XBOX360 style 'rush release' that screws my phone up.

    • FelixCited

      Exactly, people need to either go and educate themselves on all the code that needs to be written if they're so damn impatient and do it themselves, OR be grateful and lay off. Seriously, whoTF do these ppl think they are?

  • Evart

    I also need an unlock for baseband 5.14.2. Can we buy an unlock off those paysites? Does anyone know?

  • Hardball

    The dev team are working night and day on this I have heard. As soon as they feel it is complete they will put it online and people can jailbreak there phone. I think they are having trouble with the ssh thing and someone told me they are arguing about the icon. I am confident that they will make the deadline they have set for themselves as they have been praiseworthy in the past. I wish them luck for there iPhone cracking code, I mainly play games on theviphone but would like to have there jailbreak so I can be part of the excitement. One other thing is don’t push them to release it before time because it may not work properly and people will be upset. Best of luck devteam

  • eddie

    Same here have a factory iPhone 4 waiting to be used on t-mobile ;/ if anyone has any unlocking methods shout at me on thanks.

  • Steve

    Like they have said over and over. The Green shit: if it ever gets released will force you to upgrade to OS4.1. Since you are upgrading the OS through this tool and not the ITunes crap, it will preserve your current baseband at 1.59, so that you can use the Ultrasnow to unlock your iPhone 4. Whatever you do, you are doing it through Cydia. Don’t know shit about 3GS, so I can only speak for iPhone 4. If you accidentally upgraded your iPhone 4 to OS 4.1 through iTunes update, then your baseband got updated as well. If this is the case, then you are still good for the JB, but not the unlock. You might have to wait until Ultrasnow or other tool that can unlock your 2. ?? baseband.

    • sc ottty

      FU#k that shit. I kneed my unlock brother. I got a phone I can' t use….help a brother and then we can sit and RELAX./ knoi what I talk abot!

    • kareem1825

      i have knew same info u said ,so i stick to 4.0.2 till jailbreak released ,hope this is all truth ,or i would be in a bigger prob! kindly if it is released -and u tried it -post that u did it and that it worked for u ,good luck

  • sick

    dev team should release jailbreak asap pp are sick of waiting

  • Alex

    when is greenp0ison expected to come out? i know the guys developing it are working hard and are probably finished it but ive been waiting for ages and its pissing me off

  • iPhoneFour

    Wait, there's a way to pay to just get an unlock? I've had this factory 4.0.2 iPhone 4 sitting here forever and I really am waiting for the jailbreak mainly to unlock. I could wait on all the great jailbroken features if I could just get an unlock ASAP.

    • ReVan

      You've a factory unlocked iPhone 4!!! Which means your phone is already unlocked to be used with any SIM.

  • Rodrigo

    Greenpois0n is complete we yes have to wait

    For never comeout like limera1n

    Wait and wait yea right fucking liars

  • theDirtyTruth

    2 Things:
    I'm pretty sure that you can unlock your Iphone from some kind of app you download off Cydia (the 3rd party app store mentioned above).

    And I'm wondering if the release is taking so long because these guys are a bunch of stoners.
    "CHRONIC" dev team? and "Green Poison". I think they smoke some bud.

    • Kam

      Yes, its called "ultrasn0w". 2 things:

      1. ultrasn0w DOESNT work on the new baseband. Hence WAIT for the jailbreak first.

      2. the new ultrasn0w is not going to be worked on till AFTER the jailbreak is out.



  • Impatient

    I know the team is working hard but they can at least give us some eta, like will it be done by the end of this week?

    • korzenik81

      dude – you can't put eta on this kind of work – it's a work in progress and can't predict when it will end – grow some patience and check back later – meanwhile you can masturbate if you can't stop thinking about it!

  • assdf


  • P1xellat3d

    I think there's been a mistake.

    Internet Tethering can be done on the iOS without jailbreak?

    Whether it is a paid service or a free one is an entirely different topic.

  • JR16

    Who do you pay to get an unlock?! I need help unlocking my phone.

    • P1xellat3d

      You pay your official mobile carrier for the unlock.
      I don't know how much it costs in the U.S or elsewhere, but in Australia we get an unlock for free (provided we bought the iPhone from them).

      • Yoon

        Yea, I bought mine in New Zealand and it’s unlocked. But the carrier doesn’t unlock ’em. The factory does. So even though you update your phone, it’s still unlocked.

    • pat