Google TV vs. Second-generation Apple TV: Content offerings

By Peter Chubb - Oct 5, 2010

Apple has now released their second-generation Apple TV device, while Google has yet to release theirs. However, looking at some recent news it looks as though the content offering from Google looks to be far greater.

Yesterday Google decided to offer a preview of some of their content from their media partners, and the early signs looks as if the search engine’s TV offering has much more to offer – something that could go against the new Apple TV, which has had poor reviews so far.

Google will not be like Apple and build their own hardware; instead they will copy the formula that has worked for them with their Android phones, and get the likes of Sony and other hardware partners to do all the hard work.

AppleInsider has reported that both TV devices have scared away lucrative deals, as they are in direct competition with current set-top boxes. Do you think that there is a future for Google or Apple TV, and if so, which one will win out?

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  • Grimbleweed

    LOve my new Apple TV
    But being in the UK would like to have BBC iPlayer etc on it – can access through my iphone and send to atv but quality nor so good

    • Neil Crawford

      You will be able to view bbc iplayer via Air Play